Sunday, December 03, 2017

James is EIGHT! Wolfy and birthday party!

James, you are eight! How did Baby November turn from a baby, to a toddler to a little kid to a big kid so incredibly fast? I don't know. I really don't.

At eight you are incredible. Funny and smart and sweet and kinda a pain in the butt sometimes, but that's okay because we love you dearly.
At eight you are doing the following:
  • Love your teachers and tell them often. Write notes to your teachers to tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Love your best friends Owen and Peter. If we don't have plans with O&P and you had your heart set on seeing them, you cry and complain and pretty much dislike all activities that don't include your besties. 
  • Excellent at reading and math, fabulous at school work.
  • Eats hot lunch from the cafeteria every day.
  • Fast runner, amazing hiker, strong swimmer, zero interest in team sports.
  • Favorite things to do are play with Legos, Nintendo, iPad and outside with friends.
  • Least favorite thing to do is when Mommy "forces" him to the park without friends his age
  • Adores Juliet but knows how to push her buttons so amazingly well.
  • Great artist and loves drawing control panels, guns, and Nexo Knights (Lego brand).
  • Had a co-birthday party with his best friend Owen and loved every minute of it. 
  • Collects "gun sticks" wherever we go and loves weapons.
  • Still requests a kiss on the lips and a hug after the school bell rings (never change kiddo! I love this too).
  • Is a total goof ball.
James, I love you so very very much. I miss your babyhood so much but I have also loved seeing you grow and change. 

I was amazed I was able to get a natural smile for the photo above. It took a lot of false starts and goofy photos before I finally got one!
This year we had a co-birthday party for these two November boys and best friends. Remember Owen was at James' first birthday party?
James invited Ian from his class and his favorite cousin Emilia.

Eight is great!
Birthday morning held a new robe, tons of new legos and this sweet hug from brother and sister. When they're not pestering each other they really are the best of friends. 
 He also got an hourglass, which was a surprise!
And since his birthday fell the day after Thanksgiving, we waited a week to bring Wendy's to the school lunchroom to celebrate. 
Happy happy birthday Baby November. Love you tons.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017! {Link and Lynx}

When E got a Nintendo Switch for his birthday last summer the kids were instantly hooked. They'd spend hours playing Zelda with E, looking for clues, fighting Zelda creatures (??) and pretty much having the best time ever. So when Halloween rolled around it was an obvious choice, James wanted to be Link from Zelda.
Juliet is still going strong on the "I only like kitties" phase, so she decided to be a lynx. Link and Lynx, get it? Her ear tufts on her headband are what sets her apart as a lynx. 
 Juliet was sick again for Halloween but pulled it together for an epic night of trick-or-treating.
 We went with our besties, and everyone loved that we had a Nintendo theme going on.
 And isn't this the cutest costume you've ever seen?
Favorite stop by far is the homemade donut stand. They fry them up right there and dip them in sugar. Plus they have a fire pit and a pet rabbit. What could be better?
The day before Halloween my aunt hosted a pumpkin carving contest. I had high hopes of winning first place with this beauty. 
Look at this perfect girl of mine and her kitty pumpkin.
A Zelda monster, because of course.
Woot! I took first place! Heck yes!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Florence {1918-2017}

June 17, 1918 - October 7, 2017
Six months short of her 100th birthday my Grandma Florence had a small stroke in her home. She was rushed to the hospital and a few days later passed away. She was surrounded by her children and loved ones, and we were are all so grateful that she passed without pain.

Ninety-nine amazing years, she never lost mental facilities and lived at home until the very end.

Florence's life started on June 17, 1918, when she was born at home for $2.00, as that is all the doctor charged back then.

When Florence was three years old her family moved to Brooklyn, from the Lower East Side, purchasing a home that had two floors and a basement along with a "stall shower." My Grandma said this was so exciting for everyone because only the nicest homes had separate showers. The home consisted of only two bedrooms and one bathroom, but lots of living space including a parlor.

Florence at age two with her two siblings and mother Pauline.
Florence's father always worked as a furrier, growing up my Grandma remembers always having new fur coats. Because she and her sister were only 18 months apart my Grandma said "we looked like twins in our new fur coats."

In the summer all the children would play on the streets. Four corners, kick the can, softball "from sewer to sewer" and tennis were favorites. Morris and Pauline added to their family again with Selma and a few years later with their last daughter Eleanor.

The fur business was hot back then, and my Grandma remembers living quite comfortably, even through the depression. They had a car, a Studebaker touring car which they all would ride in joyfully through Brooklyn.

Florence married and had three children of her own, my dad being the youngest born in 1953. They led a happy and comfortable life. Florence loved her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren fiercely and made sure everyone understood that her home was always open to visitors.
Grandma, you will be missed. I love you and aspire to be as thoughtful, loving and wonderful as you have always been.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Flaming Gorge Camping!

Labor Day was a memory of sunshine, campfire smoke, tons of laughs and lots of swimming. Like the last two summers, my mom planned a camping trip to Flaming Gorge. The kids anticipate this trip so much and talk about it for months afterward.

Uncle Chandler brought his Nintendo and the kids were glued to his side the entire weekend.
Among the best part of the entire weekend was the river trip down the Green River that Brandon guided.
 The water is cold and crystal clear and the canyon we float down if deep and stunning.
 The small rapids make it easily one of the best days of the kids' year.
 Everyone jumps in, the water is COLD because it comes from the bottom of Flaming Gorge Dam.
 Some of us didn't submerge. ;)

 An entire day spent with this crazy bunch and we have SO MUCH FUN.
 Sunsets from the campground are beyond epic, and we try to catch them every night.
 Worth it.
See ya next year Flaming Gorge! 

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