Monday, July 18, 2016

Yosemite High Country

Due to the fact that we drove to Yosemite and entered on the east side of the park, we were able to experience high country both the day we arrived and the day we left. Yosemite is so large, that visiting this area is very much worth it, but it's hours from Yosemite Valley. But due to how far away it is (and closer to the Nevada side vs. the busier California side) it is much less busy and equally stunning.
We asked a ranger at the Tuolumne Meadows Visitors' Center where would be a good place to take the kids and play in the water. She suggested we follow Lyell River upstream where the river flows over a granite shelf.
It was an amazing suggestion, because that was just it, the crystal clear water flowed fast in places, and slow in others over a huge solid piece of granite. Small swimming holes were formed beside the main current. The water was so clear it didn't look real, and cold!
 The river is in the shadow of Lembert Dome, another huge piece of solid granite.
Some areas the water was fast and swift, and other areas it skimmed over the granite in a lazy pace. Everywhere little waterfalls formed and this waterfall loving boy never ever wanted to leave.
So many spots to explore!
In areas where the water was slow, little pot holes would fill with water and warm up in the sun. The kids called these their hot tubs.

Look at the color of that water! Emerald! E and I kept commenting that it didn't even look real, everything looked too perfect.
 Lots of logs to balance on.
 And rivers to ford. Such a good beginning, and end, to our vacation.

Salt Flats!

On the long long long drive to Yosemite (we split it between two days) we stopped briefly at the Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City. This is where some of the salt from the Great Salt Lake is deposited, and it looks like an endless white desert. The salt flats are bright blinding white and interesting for approximately ten minutes. 😉

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Yosemite for our TEN YEAR anniversary!

Wow, I've really fallen off the blogging wagon, haven't I?! We've been SO BUSY this summer, lakes and rivers and hikes and swimming lessons. The gym and the garden. By evening I just want to relax and read, so alas, my blog has been pushed to the back burner. The far far back burner.

But we went to Yosemite last week with the kids and had an incredible time. I want to blog more of the days because vacation blogging is something I do often read and look back on. 

Until then, here are a couple of my favorite photos. Ahh, Yosemite, you are good to us.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Tulips

One thing is certain, we love the tulip festival in our family. We go every year, and even with the crowds (the crowds are insane!) we have a really nice time. This year we bought waffles from a food truck and sat on the lawn in the sun and laughed and laughed.

Both kids have been earning allowance and saving their money for toys. James goes to the Lego store every time he has the minimum amount to buy something, but Juliet is much more like me, she saves and saves. Finally she decided she'd like a camera with her money. The entire time we were there
Juliet loves taking pictures of flowers, much like me.
She's so funny, she totally gets down low, gotta get on the flowers level. (And in case you were looking up her dress, she always wears bike shorts under her dresses. It's great, because it means that she can play and climb and never worry about underpants peeking out.)
Gotta check that photo, make sure the exposure was correct.
Most the time she's willing to give me a smile and a pose.

This little girl is looking less and less little by the day. Isn't she just the sweetest?
This one is hard to corner for a picture, glad I got one!
And the mama and baby owls are back! Woot! Watching them is the sweetest thing ever.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Farmhouse in May!

The farmhouse in May and October is beyond my wildest dreams. In the heat of the summer and the dead of the winter, the farmhouse holds little appeal, but in the first warm days of spring, when things are green and alive and beautiful it is just divine. We now have kids that are old enough to stay the night (woot woot!) and keep themselves somewhat entertained (woot woot x a million). So while they color and play in the dirt, E and I relax, read, snack on unhealthy things, and read and relax some more.
A favorite farmhouse tradition is lots of bikes rides (all four of us are on two wheelers!) and evening drives into the country.
 All the lilacs were at the hight of booming, and the entire town smelled of their sweet scent.
Our very favorite Spring City home has taken so well to the full renovation within the last five or so years. Back, before kids, E and I loved this home (still do) because of it's haunted history and derelict appearance. It was abandoned for years, and we were lucky enough to tour it twice. Now it's stunning and sitting on the most beautiful plot in all of Sanpete County.
Evening light that is gold! I saw it and Ethan pulled the car over quickly so we could catch this magical moment.
The cotton from the cottonwoods was heavy in the warm air, and catching little breezes it almost looked too pretty to be real.

 Oh farmhouse days, you're my favorite.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Apple orchard in the morning

One morning after we dropped James off at school, Juliet and headed over to our favorite apple orchard. (Here's another spring post from two years ago!) This tiny private orchard is right in the city and the owners are the most fantastic people ever. It was warm and lovely, and the trees were buzzing with bees.
I begged Juliet to wear this princess dress. She said "I don't like princesses, I like Darth Vader."
But she flashed me lots of great smiles and after bribing her with candy she wore the dress.

I'm printing this huge for her bedroom.

She said she looked like a bride. I had NO idea she even knew that term. Baby girl is growing up.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happiest birthday to me! And Red Butte Garden twice!

The best birthday present EVER this year was a ridiculously warm day for early April. When I turned 30 it snowed and snowed, but when I turned 35 it was warm enough to have breakfast on the patio and a picnic dinner in the garden!

Also I got the best gifts this year. I've been searching for the perfect leather flat for years. I've had Toms, Frye, and this year finally spurred on Tiek. The Tieks are so expensive, but I wear them every day, and so far they are my favorite by far! Ah! And I got red, so I look amazing everywhere I go. ;)

E also got me an antique Sherlock book, The Hounds of the Baskervilles. It's amazing. A second edition in perfect shape.
We played outside all day, and finally after quiet time went to Red Butte. We didn't wear yellow this year for our annual daffodil photo (they never seem to be my favorite photos, so I skipped it) but had a LOVELY time from beginning to end.
The weather! The happy kiddos!
It's too bad E doesn't know how to treat his woman right. ;)
I asked E for a birthday portrait. Apparently I didn't tell him the most important part of the photo was my new birthday shoes.
Four has been AMAZING for this one.
We saw the sweetest little bunny in these daffodils, munching on the blooms. As soon as we got close he scampered away. (However, I got a little video and posted it on Instagram here.)
We brought bubbles in hopes of perfect photos. Problem is? Kids move FAST when chasing bubbles. 

A few days later we decided to go back to Red Butte with Damma and Chelsea/Joe/Emilia. The weather was too nice not to soak it up.
We thought a cousin photo was needed. The girls both wanted their accessories. So Tiger and the backpack joined the photo.
The first time we went none of the blossoming trees were open, the second time we went everything was at their peek!
Honey bees were everywhere.

Look at this darling almost three year old!

Damma had coins so we could buy duck food.

Absolutely everything was in bloom.

Such a good first week of April!

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