Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Juliet is FIVE!

Guys! Juliet, my baby bunny, is five years old. She's not a baby anymore, she's strong and smart and funny and sweet. She adores art, kitties, riding her bike, playing fort with her brother, taking pictures and thinking about our next vacation.

Some more awesome info:

  • She knows cat facts well, her favorite being cheetahs, leopards and house cats.
  • She can spend hours and hours on art. She loves to cut paper and tape pieces together, draw with markers, coloring books, and paints.
  • She is always wanting to take photos with my camera.
  • She's quite and polite and well liked at school. 
  • She loves handwriting but struggles on remembering her letters. 
  • She's been riding a two wheeler for a year.
  • She's becoming a better swimmer whenever we go.
  • She laughs, makes up songs and rhymes for every situation, and is super wild and crazy before bedtime. 
  • She wears a size five in clothes but only 9 in shoes (small!).
  • She's still shy around people she doesn't see often, doesn't like a crowd, and is more of an introvert than James.
  • Comes out of her shell when she's at home with family and then is crazy and wild and wonderful. 

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