Monday, August 16, 2010

NY Day one {Jones Beach}

One of our FAVORITE things on Long Island is Jones Beach State Park. Not only is it clean and beautiful, but the water is warm enough to swim in, and it is only minutes from my Grandma's house.

We had a quiet morning with my grandma eating NY bagels (best bagels ever!) and playing with James. He had a good morning nap in the travel crib and when he woke we headed to the beach.

E and I were a little nervous about how James would like it, he loves the water but isn't a fan of wind, and has never seen the ocean. It can be a little overwhelming, especially for a baby.

We walked around the beach for a bit before changing him into his suit, hoping he'd get used to the sea air and the ocean breeze. We plopped him in front of the 1930s bath house for a photo and he seemed to be taking to the entire experience quite well.

Once we were down near the water we changed him into his swimsuit and rash guard and walked over to where the waves were breaking. He squirmed to get out of our arms.

Ok, here it goes...

We set him down on the wet sand as a little wave quickly approached. The water hit his feet and was chilly at first. He squealed in delight and started stomping the wet sand under his feet. The feeling of the water receding under him seemed to thrill him.

With each new wave he got more and more brave (and E and I did as parents too), until finally we decided to sit him down on the wet sand. The little waves lapped around his swim trunks and he gathered big handfuls of sand so he could squeeze it between his fingers.

At one point he did get a little sand in his mouth before we could stop him and he was not pleased, but overall he loved it. We walked around, played in the water, and E and I took turns with him so we could each have a swim in deeper water.

Soon we were all tired, wet, sticky and sandy and ready to head home. James gathered another big handful of sand and was aiming for his tiny mouth. E stopped him and he got really mad and sad. The big tears told us it was nap time, so we gathered the babe, took a quick shower in the vintage bath house and headed back to Grandma's house.

One there we all took a nap, James impressing us all with a nearly three hour one. Gah, he's amazing.

Jones Beach. Beach #6 is the one we always frequent.
First dip! Oh wow that's chilly!

Beach hair and seaweed.

This last photo was taken only moments before he tried to shovel a big handful of sand into his mouth, E stopped him, and he went crazy. Poor man, he wanted sand. Yum yum.


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Cute! The pictures are just like we were talking about. The kids I nanny say "you must eat dirt" I'm sure the same goes for sand

    Auntie Melissa

  2. I love his lobster swim suit! and hat! :)

  3. I love the photos! What great memories! And I love the suit! I'm glad that you seem off to a good vacation start!

  4. I hope you frame the picture with James splashing and the water receding - it's awesome. And forgive me if this is the wrong place to write this, but: D%&M, JESS! How do you look like THAT in a bathing suit, less than a year after giving birth?!?! (Green-eyed monster doth approach...) ;-)

  5. I see a new beach outfit on that sweet boy! What a great experience for him!

  6. Jess Red8:28 PM

    Looks like you guys are having a great time!! Cutest lobster shirt I've ever seen...going to need to get one of those! So happy he's sleeping like a champ and being such a good baby. Have a great time!!

  7. You picked the best outfits for him on this trip. Very east coast. Love it!


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