Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Autumn splendor {sunny skies & gold leaves at the Cabin}

Hurrah! Seriously hurrah!! We made it to the cabin and we were met with the best sight in the entire world: golden leaves, blue skies and such a happy family!
It was magical. I know I seem to use that word a lot, but honestly, think about it: I have two healthy kids. My husband and I love each other very much. We own a cabin in the woods. I have more than anyone really deserves. I think about how fortunate I am all the time.
We were there for a work party. Everyone had a job and we were busy the entire time. But even with sweeping, emptying mouse traps, digging a hole for the port-a-potty contents (gag!), and all the other jobs we needed to do, there was still time to enjoy the glorious weather and take a few little walks.
When I suggested taking a walk to the meadow James was the only one that wanted to join me. I was thrilled. Spending some time with him, and only him makes me so happy. Love my first born.
We bush-wacked, looked for animals and talked about preschool. All the best things when you're almost five.
Forest floor magic.
There are lots of little secret gems around the cabin. One is our boulder felid. Major bush-waking required to get there, but Juliet never minds being carried by her favorite person in the entire world.
Everywhere we looked, the blue sky and gold leaves made for perfect backdrops!

Lots of smiles!
The boulder field has a few little caves. My cousins and I played in these as children, hence the "door" made of logs.
After last year's bummer trip (snow and green leaves) I was so so happy to have such perfect weather this year.
These two work for candy.
Later in the afternoon, while the kids watched a show on the iPad, and dinner bubbled on the stove, E and I left the kiddos with their grandparents so we could take a small walk, just the two of us. We walked to my favorite spot. A spot that I visit every time I'm there. I dream about this spot, owning a home one day in a space like this. No people, just the amazing forest as far as the eye can see. And the sound of a small river bubbling not too far away. E and I sat on a warm rock in the sunshine we talked a little about our dream home, our house in the woods. And then we just sat quietly, for a long time, enjoying the sun and the leaves. No words were shared, just quiet.
After dinner was finished and the last jobs were complete, we packed up and headed home. The timing was perfect because the sun slowly inched lower to the west and the entire forest lit up.
E and I could not help it. We stopped the car over a dozen times. We'd hop out again and again because we saw this:
Everywhere we looked the forest was full of magic. I will never forget seeing this in person, photos just don't compare. However, this photo, my favorite of the trip, was taken with my iPhone! I may need to hang it on my wall, because this forest, and this light, well nothing makes me happier.
Side note: after ten (TEN!!) years of blogging I finally created a cabin tag. It's wild, looking back at this place that never changes.


  1. It does look magical! You and http://scenesfromthewild.net/ have sure piqued my interest in visiting Utah this time of year! Such a beautiful spot!

  2. What a great post!!! I know I say that all the time, but it is true!! It makes me happy to hear how happy and content you are. Keep posting, I love reading them!!!


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