Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll miss his gummy grin

My little dino is growing his first two teeth. Yep, at 7 months he's finally getting his chompers.

I'll really really miss his gummy grin. Once he has teeth he'll look even less like a baby. My boy is growing up.

Poor little guy has been crying a lot today. And crying is not like him. I know those sharp little teeth are pressing hard into his soft little gums. It is really hard to see him in pain with big tears rolling down his fat cheeks. Hopefully they'll finish breaking through in the next day or so and he'll be back to his cheery self.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday hike

Yesterday, after the wedding week, E and I decided to do a little family activity, just the three of us. So when J woke up from his nap, we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and stopped at the Mill B North trail head. Instead of heading up the trail, we instead followed the river up 100 yards or so, to a great little waterfall.

James (who loves everything that has to do with water) was entranced.

Daddy and James cross the river. And J being silly on a rock.

I love these two.
E and J check out a closed mine. Cool!
James and I watch the waterfall. He couldn't keep his eyes off of it.
I almost feel silly posing these photos after all the awesome wedding photos (which if you haven't seen, please keep scrolling down!) because they are so blurry. But I love them. James and E love each other so much, and as they were playing I was snapping photos. As you can see, they are both wild about each other.

And they are wild about me, as well. :)
(Also, I was able to locate a photo of me taken on Chelsea's wedding day! I added it to the post below.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The wedding {Chelsea & Joe tie the knot!}

June 26th, 2010. Baggie's birthday (Chelsea's maternal grandmother). The sun rose and lit up the wonderfully calm and beautiful city of Salt Lake. Today was perfect. Today was the day my sister-in-law Chelsea was to marry the man of her dreams, Joe.

E and I spent the first part of they day insuring James had two solid naps, and wedding gift shopping (way to leave it till the last moment!). E dressed in his tux and I in my dress while Baby Man took his second nap. And then we woke him up (he was sleeping like an angel, it was hard to do) and dressed him.

Then we drove up Millcreek Canyon to Millcreek Inn and joined the other bridesmaids, groomsmen and family who were already starting the preparations.

Since I have hundreds of photos, and photos speak 1000 words, here are some of my favorites. I will be sure to post a few more (with me included in them!) when Chelsea gets them from the photographer.

The bride. The groom.

Putting the final touches on the makeup.
Lemonade ready for guests. Chelsea getting ready for her groom (with her mother and mother-in-law helping).

Bridesmaid bouquet.
Judy ready for the recessional bagpipe song. Melissa taking great care of James before the ceremony starts. And the two boys I love more than life itself.

The ceremony.
E's family.
Aren't we a good looking bunch?
And the bridesmaids.
The cake.
Ceremony site outside in the beautiful mountains. And the rose petals and lavender on the aisle. Centerpieces and Nola the flower girl. And the flowers and view were splendid.

After the ceremony I walked back down the aisle with Joe's brother Zack.
Dinner on the patio.
E talking to his now-married little sister.
The dinner.
The toasts.
The flowers. The favors (wildflower honey!).

The friends.
The dusk.
The dancing.
The amazing couple showing off their moves.

It was wonderful.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding week: Friday

The festivities started early on Friday with breakfast, mimosas, and manicure/pedicures at a local salon! Mary (Joe's mom) provided the alcohol, OJ and bagels that we all enjoyed as we got pampered from head to toe.

All the ladies were inspired by Chelsea's wedding colors (purple and green) to get our nails done in a shade of purple. James (the only guy in the bunch) happily hung out with me and with Granny Connie while my fingernails were perfected.

(I made a commitment to myself to NOT WEED the garden with my new fingernails, and only two hours later, a saw a weed that just needed to be pulled. I only pulled that one, so I think I did a pretty good job.)

The soon to be Mrs. Silverzweig (isn't that sweatshirt the cutest?) picks out the perfect wedding day nail color.
James is ready for a pedi.
Connie, Chelsea and Mary get pampered. So fun.
Then, late in the day (after putting the Baby Man down to bed successfully 45 minutes early!), E and I headed out to Market Street Cottonwood for the rehearsal dinner. This seafood restaurant is awesome, with a rope bridge connecting the parking lot to the restaurant, and a top deck for private parties.

After another round of introductions (I love weddings, so many new wonderful people to meet!) we started the rehearsal. All too soon Chelsea was walking down the aisle looking stunning with a parent on each arm. I'm sure there were a few tears shed.

We ran through the ceremony again and then started the party! Tons of fantastic appetizers were brought out, people mingled, salads, wine and crab cakes were served. A two-man band played classical tunes in the background. Everything was perfect.

I chatted with the beautiful bride on my right, and a fascinating NYC couple next to Ethan with an adorable two year old little girl (who is the flower girl!)

Dinner soon was served (fresh Alaskan salmon!) and more wine was poured. All too soon coffee and desserts were placed in front of us and the night was winding down.

I can't wait for the wedding.

Both family's shared some old photos of the soon-to-be bride and groom. So here is the beautiful bride-to-be with a very '80s groom. So cute!
E and his sibs, Chelsea and David (notice they are dressed in the wedding colors).
E and his bride of almost four years, me. ;)
E walks across Big Cottonwood Creek on the rope bridge. Cool, huh? And doesn't Chelsea just look like a blushing bride? Yep, she's gorgeous.

The ladies (I'm on the right)
The men.
Judy (a family friend of E's) warms up on the bagpipes. And Steve and Connie practice walking the bride down the aisle.

We were lucky enough to sit at Chelsea and Joe's table. And the entire room was stunning.
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