Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Juliet says, James says

Juliet, age 3:

  • I was reversing the car the other day and it was kind of a tight fit. Juliet says "these aren't bumper cars," which made me laugh so hard. 
  • "Daddy's take care of babies from sharks. So they don't get eat."
  • While playing with her dolls "this is mommy taking care of her little girls."
  • While waiting for James: "I need my sweet brother right now. I'm waiting for him and waiting for him."
  • After hearing Ethan fart "what's that sound coming from your private parts?"
  • James: "I like building blocks with you." Juliet: "I love you too."
  • After giving daddy a huge hug "now your heart is love"

On the day we put our kitty Rumpus down:
Juliet said "Where is Rumpy?"
Me: "He's at the kitty doctor."
Her: "Why?"
Me: "Because we took him there to give him a special shot. The special shot made him dead."
Her: "What's dead?"
Me: "It means not alive anymore."
Her: "Why? I want Rumpy at our house. Not dead."
Of course this isn't a funny conversation in the slightest, but it was so tender, and innocent I wanted to remember it.

James, age 5:

  • After a fresh blow dry: "I like your hair. It looks really beautiful. Really really beautiful. It's like you're a different mommy but you're not. It looks really good!"
  • "My breath can't hold my thirsty all the way to morning."
  • "I'm going go have a house with five rooms so I can have five kids! Wait... maybe not."
  • "I know what rhymes! Crocs and granola rhyme."
  • Talking about foods he likes "I like quesadillas, berries, mac & cheese…" Juliet: "you like bears?" James: "No, I don't like bears. But I like cooked bears. I really like cooked bears!"
  • Listening to It's a Wonderful World, "I like that song so much it makes me have a tear."
  • And another day with the same song: "I'm pretending I have a little boy in my body and he's going to cry because he loves the song so much. And now I might cry because I love the song so much."
  • "This is my best day ever!"
  • While eating dinner "I'm really enjoying this!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Great Salt Lake Bird Refuge

On Valentine's Day we decided to do something we love best of all, go explore a place we'd never been. I oftentimes dream of living in the mountains, near a river, but really, I wonder if I'd long for a big city. I love exploring and doing something I've never done before.

And I've been thinking about living internationally more again. Maybe one day I'd like to live in Rome. Or Florence. Or Kyoto. Guess I'll have to talk to E about that one. ;)
Back to our day, sorry about the ramble. I'd read on Salt Project's blog that the Great Salt Lake Nature Center was really neat.
We arrived, expecting to have the place to ourselves, but were pleasantly surprised to find them having a bald eagle event, with some other birds of prey to look at and lots of other people as interested in eagles as we were. 
We were told that due to our warm winter many bald eagles had already migrated north. Such a bummer, but understandable because we didn't see a single one down at the farmhouse a couple weeks ago. Luckily, this red tail hawk was around to admire. 
We took a little walk around the trails and the board walks, hoping to see some wildlife. We saw muskrats, tons of mice, and a few herons. Awesome! 
And right before we were ready to leave I spotted this guy! A bald eagle. Such a lucky spotting since the nature center hadn't reported a single sighting all day. Yea! 

Farmington Bay is really unstated beauty. Especially this time of year. Lots of brown on brown, but the still water and boardwalks, plus the animal activity was quite pretty, in an understated way. 
Happy Valentine's! 
Other things we did to make the long weekend special:
  • E and I went to the lounge and had dinner at Grand America. It was amazing. 
  • Took a hike to Ensign Peek. Juliet hiked the entire way!
  • Visited Park City which is our Valentine's tradition
  • Enjoyed the warm weather with grilling steaks, visiting foxy park, and playing outside every moment

It was a fantastic weekend. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Juliet's three year interview

Each year, on the kids' birthday, I do a little interview. I love to look back and hear what their favorite foods were, who their best friends were, and so on. Plus, their little voices change so much as they grow. I interviewed James on his birthday this year, but never posted because he just seemed like such a big kid. Just matter of fact answers and none of the funny moments little kids provide. He's growing up.

But, Juliet, luckily is still a little kid. And she's hilarious. Here is her interview, I hope you enjoy!

She has grown SO MUCH since I interviewed her last year when she turned two.

And here is James for his three year interview. Gah, these kiddos need to stop growing so quickly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


With a heavy heart I have some sad news to share, we had to put our sweet kitty Rumpy down today. For the last six months he's lost so much weight, he was almost unrecognizable. Wet food didn't seem to improve anything and in the last week his thin frame became even thinner. Plus, he was having a hard time moving, washing himself, and so many other things.

E and I were literally watching him starve to death before our eyes.

It was heartbreaking.

So, we decided it was time. Such a hard decision. How does anyone do it? Thinking "this is his last night" and "this will be the last time he's home" are such hard emotional thoughts as you scoop up your little black and white companion and drive him to the vet for the very last time.

Putting him down was humane. He was old. Very old for kitty standards so he led a nice long happy life. But choosing "today is the day" is terrible. Heart wrenching.

And seeing him take his last breath, purr his last purr (because he purred until the very end) and holding him while his body became still and his heart stopped, it's not easy. It is so not easy.

Rumpy, you will be missed. So so very much.

Rumpus was never satisfied until he fully invaded your personal space and got his face right in your face. He was all about love, this boy.
He was SUCH a love. 
And this may be one of the last photos I took of Rumpus. It was about three weeks ago. I love it. I love the light on Rumpy's whiskers and I love that James somehow looks much younger. Such a good memory.

Monday, February 09, 2015

A berry sweet girl is turning three!

About a month ago I asked Juliet what type of birthday party she'd like. I offered some ideas on a theme (Octonauts, Queen Elsa, etc.) and she was intent on a "strawberry party" which is pretty much the cutest theme ever. No idea where she came up with the idea, but the fact that she loves berries and pink, it seemed fitting.
We decided to invite a few little friends over to a cupcake bakery not far from our house. She chose a tiny guest list and eagerly waited for her "birfday" party to arrive.
These two adore each other. Giving James a sibling was the best thing I ever gave him. And Juliet would be lost without her "best sweet brofer".
All strawberry birthday parties need a big plate of strawberries, strawberry lemonade and pink cups to drink from.
This little girl got right to eating her favorite berries.
Her little cousin Emilia is only a year behind Juliet (turning two this spring!) and it is so fun to watch their relationship bloom.
Juliet had quite a few choices on birthday attire. I was thinking of the pink dress from Feltman, but the strawberry skirt won out.
This birthday girl was all smiles.

First we decorated crowns.

This little girl has been our friend since before Juliet's birth. Her Mama gave me donuts hoping to induce labor on the exact day Juliet was born three years ago. Kinda magic to have her and her girls at Juliet's party three years later.
Lots and lots of cute presents.
Crown decorating is serious business.

Her pose to show off her crown.

Soon it was time for all the queens and kings to tour the cupcake bakery. They learned where everything was baked, mixed and sliced. Here they learn how the carrots are shredded for carrot cake.
After the tour it was time to decorate their own cupcakes. Three year olds love to decorate cupcakes, and it is what we did for James's third birthday as well.
Each kid was so serious with their frosting duties.
Birthday girl's strawberry cupcake!
She was so sweet, we all sang her "Happy Birthday" and she sang right along with all of us.
James made sure not to waste any frosting.

How cute are Juliet's little friends? And Juliet with another pose!

She did such a good job opening presents, saying nice things after each one and thanking everyone.

Juliet's best buddy is this guy that lives across the street. James's best buddy is his older brother, so we see a lot of them. Neighborhood friends are the best.
And forced three year old smiles are the sweetest. Happy birthday bunny!
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