Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It all goes to fast

There is something I've been thinking about. A lot. Time, and how my time with my babies is slipping away. My first baby is hardly a baby anymore and this little girl is growing right before my eyes. Each day she is bigger, smarter, more expressive. Each time I pick her up, I try to feel her weight in my arms, trying to memorize what it feels like to hold a baby so small.  I hold her close, enjoying every single minute of her babyhood, and even with that, even with everything, one day soon it will be gone.
Not that I'm not excited for each new phase with her, and her brother. Far from it. I can't wait until my children are older and can play together, can understand Santa, and can look forward to traveling to England on The Queeen Mary 2.
That said, babies are babies for one year. One year in a long beautiful life. But that's all you get. And Juliet is already four months old. One third of her babyhood is already gone.
So what am I to do? Squeeze her extra tight. Love her the best I know how. And enjoy it, because it's never coming back.


  1. It could if you had MORE babies ;)

  2. Great post and awesome pictures! Have to give these kiddos some extra squeezes!

  3. You are so smart, to try to glue these times into your memory. Write down as many small, everyday moments as you can, and take as many pictures and videos of these as possible. While the birthdays and holidays are always treasured to recall in pictures, it's the everyday moments that I did not record enough of. My boy and girl are now 19 and 17, and Austin is away at college. It truly goes as fast as a heartbeat. It is all wonderful, though. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing your joys, which bring back my own. Nancy


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