Sunday, May 30, 2010

Garden 2010

When E and I moved into our house in 2008 we had a multi year garden plan in mind. Last year we purchased patio furniture, built our hill (which needed to be re-built this year), installed a dry river, and started our planting.

This year we fixed the side of our garage. And it was so so worth it. Before our garage was hideous jail house cinder block style. In all the photos of backyard parties I have last summer, there are only about two photos of the side of the garage. It was just that bad.

This year we got a family friend to install wood siding. This is not the aluminum siding, but actual wood that was framed out and painted by us, twice, due to the fact that the first time we painted it white and it could blind you when the sun hit it. So two more coats of paint later, the side of our garage is complete and looking so awesome.

Then we got seven and a half tons of dirt delivered, and rebuilt our hill, made a raised bed in the back, filled some enormous pots with beautiful grasses and did about a million other things. And it was all worthwhile, because our yard looks kick ass, if I do say so myself. We've spent over four weekends working pretty solidly and I'm happy to say it's paid off.

The dirt pile looks tiny. Really it was huge. And building the new hill!

Painting white.
The white was a no-go.
There was a certian little man that was FANTASTIC! We worked hard through all of his naps, but when he was awake he would cheerfully talk and watch us work.

We've been saving all of our extra money for our garden budget. One thing we splurged on was this outdoor fireplace. Can't wait to break it in.

The freshly painted garage. And the beautiful huge pots I spent some birthday money on.
New hill looking a ton better.
Ready to host backyard parties! Come on over!

New header {Summer 2010}

Since in my book June 1st is the first day of summer, James, E and I went up to Neff's Canyon trail head today for some fun summer shots.

Here are a few more from the day:

Family photo with self timer. Too bad James looks pissed.
Baby legs, Mr. Blue Eyes, and touching bark.

Mama and baby.
Kisses from dad and tasting the leaves. Nom nom.

And our new header, of course.
Goodbye spring 2010.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It has been forever since I've updated my reading list on my blog. Because I'm so woefully behind, it means I'm sure to miss a few books on this list. But if I think of them later, I'll be sure to update.

I re-read the Twilight Series. Yes. Total guilty pleasure. I held off reading them until I was about 37 weeks pregnant, because when you're that pregnant, all you want to do is sit around anyway. At least it helped the time go by. I finished the series when James was only weeks old. Brain candy is good when you're highly stressed due to a fragile newborn in the house. Four stars.

South of Broad - oh how I love Pat Conroy. Beach Music is one of my all time favorite books. But the more of Conroy I read, the more predictable they become. South of Broad was kinda a let down. Stick with Beach Music and The Prince of Tides. Three stars.

The Book Thief - It took me forever to read this book I've heard so much about. It is because the first 20 or so pages are weird, and it was hard to get into. But after that this book is FANTASTIC. Loved it. Loved it. Five stars.

The Forgotten Garden
- liked this book quite a bit. The mystery was fun, the switching time lines was engaging. Overall it was quite a good read. If you are interested in England, gardens or secrets, this one is for you. Four stars.

The Good Earth
- officially I'm not done with this book yet, I'm still in the middle, but since I'm re-reading it, I thought I'd cheat and write a review anyway. I love China. I love Chinese stories. I love stories about poverty. Four stars.

What to Expect one and two - like any Mama to be, I read and re-read these books like 50 times. No joke. But there is so much good info in them. Must for any pregnant woman and new parent. Five stars.

And there are more, I just know it. In addition to reading wonderful books, I'm also some reading wonderful blogs as of late. My new favorites? Enjoying the Small Things, Harper's Happenings, and The Wright Family Pics.

I've also read Pajama Time, The Hungry Caterpillar, and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear? more times than I care to count.

Please leave your favorite book and blog recommendations in the comments!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Half a Year! 6 months with Wolfy

James is growing into such a big happy boy. He weighs 16 lbs 8.5 oz, and is only in the 31% for weight. He is nice and tall at 27.25" (80%) and his head is nice and round at 17.75" (84%). Such a tall boy! He is touching things and grabbing things easily now, so now we have to be aware of what is in his reach. He's still not rolling very well, but that's okay, because he prefers to sit or stand (with help) anyway. ;)

He is eating quite well, still breast milk, of course, but also sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, rice cereal, peas (he likes them a little better), avocado, pears, applesauce and bananas. This week I might introduce mangoes and squash. We'll see how he likes it.

He is back to waking up a few times a night, and I will feed him around 4:00 am most nights. These days he'll wake up for the day between 7:00 and 8:00 and take two naps during the day. When he's awake he's happy and wonderful. And getting so big!
I'm in love with his dark blue eyes. First photo below needs to be clicked on so you can see just how pretty they are!

And isn't this series too funny? James looks right over Wolfy's head at one month, three months and six months.

And, lastly, I have two videos. The first one isn't anything special, but it shows how pretty James's eyes are, and he gives a few happy sequels as I try to entice giggles out of him.

And second, what do you get when you add horrible lighting, a messy unmade bed, a half dressed baby, and me? The most ADORABLE giggles ever. Sorry about the lack of quality on this, but you'll have to trust me and watch anyway. James is too cute.

Letter to James: six months


Right now you are napping in the other room, and it is like my heart and soul are in your crib napping with you. When I am away from you, even just down the hall, I miss your cheery face, your gummy grin and your wonderfully happy way about you.

These last six months have changed me into the person I'd always wanted to be. As long as I can remember I wanted to be a mommy. Your mommy. I had visions of what I'd do, how I'd act, and what kind of mother I'd be to my future son or daughter. I have to say, you've helped me exceed my own expectations.

No, I'm not a perfect mom. But I do love you more than the world, and I feel that everything I do for you, whether it change your diaper, breastfeed you, play with you on the floor or watch you experience new things, I do it with pure joyous love for you. And, in that way, I hope I serve you well.

I'm so thrilled to be with you every day, I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes after you've gone to bed at night your Daddy and I talk about you, recalling the cute or silly things you did that day. Often we say "let's go wake him up! I miss him."

You are adored. Never forget that. Happy half year to life. I hope for the rest of your long life you are as happy, cheery and full of wonderful optimism, just like you are now. You are perfect.



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goin' swiming

On Saturday E and I decided to take our little froggy swimming. I took James to a local pool about two weeks ago and was worried that he would be scared or not like the cooler water. He loved it. I was so excited to go to the pool again on a little family outing to Holladay Lions Pool (neatest indoor pool ever!).

When we arrived James was thrilled, he kicked and wiggled until we entered the water. Instantly he was a splashing machine. His entire face was soaked, and we kept trying to keep it clear of water, but he didn't seem to care. We visited the areas of the pool where there was water falling for squirting and James loved touching all of it. We played in the indoor lazy river where he kicked and "swam" like a pro. The entire time he was smiling from ear to ear.

At one point James even got a face full of water when one of the water guns hit him square in the face. E and I were both so worried that he'd start crying and he definitely was surprised, but after he blinked a few times he just continued to grin and splash.

Needless to say, we had a really fun outing.

Touching the bubbling water was a favorite.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking a walk

James and I have been loving spending time outdoors since it has gotten nice. Some days are cooler than others, but almost every day we spend at least an hour outside. Some days we relax in the backyard under the tree, some days we take a walk, and most days we do a garden tour where I show James the tree, leaves, grass, etc. and let him touch all of the above. Wouldn't it be neat if his first word was something like 'tree'?

Our walk route in the neighborhood always includes the "secret" house. E and I lived at our current address for six months before we discovered this amazing home tucked back behind a church. Seriously, this is like our dream home. E and I love old homes so much, and this one is awesome.

The home is huge, three stories with lots of beautiful old windows, dormers, and such. And the gardens and grounds are to die for. I love walking up there and just starring at everything with total awe.

And I love taking my camera along as well.

And my little walk buddy who smiles and talks the entire time we're out.
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