Monday, August 22, 2011

Hug Point {our favorite!}

Hug Point. It felt like a glorious secret. A little waterfall spilling off the cliffs to soon join the ocean, the golden mist in the forest, sea caves, tide pools, and the amazing "Hug Point" itself, where you had to hug the cliff face to walk around it at low tide, but at high tide there was no way around the barrier between two sandy beaches.

Like I said, a glorious secret.
James dips his toes into the cold little river only moments before it joins the great Pacific Ocean.

The sea caves would fill with water at high tide and empty again at low tide. Sea life clung to its walls and the dark damp smell was a touch spooky!
The "gaga" that spilled off the cliff was amazing to the littlest explorer. Once upon a time trees were his favorite thing in the entire world. Trees have been forgotten for the simple wonder of waterfalls.
As we crept along the actual point the rocks were slick and wet. We loaded James into the pack and peered over the wall at the sea only a dozen feet below.
The view from the point was unreal.
On the second day at Hug Point James wanted nothing to do with the baby backpack. He was a big boy and wanted to walk. There was a lot of ground to cover, however, so in an effort to please the boy, E jogged down the beach. Running in the backpack? Awesome fun according to the toddler.
You can see the ocean off the edge of the point. Most the time the spot I stood on was covered by the sea.

Exploring the beach for as long as we would let him was the highlight of James's trip. Everything was new and different. Everything was wonderful.

Here is a view of Hug Point from the beach. Notice the man in yellow (middle left), to give perspective. You can see above his head where high tide hits to rocks.
We had the entire beach to ourselves.
E should become a zen photographer or something, check out these next two of his:
Awesome I tell ya.


  1. Makes me want to go there!

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    i need to go there! james looks like he had so much fun!!

    Auntie Melissa


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