Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super charming Cannon Beach and our cottage

Cannon Beach:
Cannon Beach. We were in love from the moment we drove down its winding streets. On one side was the grand Pacific Ocean and Haystack Rock, the other side were the most perfect faded gray cedar beach houses ever. Main street was what you always hope to see, no neon signs, only ones made of wood and painted. Art galleries, candy shops, toy stores, seafood restaurants and views of the beach. There were also tons of bike rental shops and kite stores (due to Oregon's great coastal winds).

E and I are planning on going back to Canon Beach. We can not wait. When the kiddos are a little older we'll buy a big bag of candy, a kite and rent a few bikes. Perfection.
The shops were about three deep so there were the most wonderful little winding sidewalks filled with flowerbeds steps away from the main street.
The flowers were out of this world. (This almost reminds me of that perfect little home in the Cotswolds England!)
View of the amazing homes from the beach. Can you imagine owning one of these?! Yea, neither can I. It would be unreal.
Our Cottage:
Our cottage that we rented in Seaside Oregon was so perfect as well. It was big, had the faded gray cedar that I love, and a lovely front yard garden, which was perfect for lunch time feasts. The only thing that could have made it better was if it were in Canon Beach, but we can't have everything. ;)
The light filled master bedroom was perfect for E and I.
Nice big kitchen. This was so nice because we ate almost every meal at the cottage. We made breakfast every morning, and made each meal for James. While James was napping or down for the night we got take out. Having real china plates and ice in our glasses made it feel a little bit less like take-out.
James had his own little room right off the kitchen. Perfect!

The big living room filled with books on Oregon was really the best part, and where we spent the most time. The nautical sofas? Awesome. And the ceiling? I'm in love, want to install beautiful beach wood ceilings at home.
In the bathroom there was only a shower, good thing this little boy still fits in the sink!


  1. So neat! We all need to start living where everyone vacations...even if we had to sleep on the beach every night.

    Glad you had fun. Love your pictures, they're always awesome.

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    oh my GOD!!!!!! that is the cutest thing in the world! i want to go!!

    Auntie Melissa


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