Saturday, August 27, 2011

James is 21 months! {and Wolfy}

James has had an AMAZING month. The last two weeks he has grown leaps and bounds. It is crazy how much new stuff he does every day, I even have a hard time remembering everything because of the sheer amount of new things he does.

He has started talking more, with two syllable words (started with Mommy and Daddy and has moved to nearly everything!), has started repeating more, asking for what he wants (up, down, hot, more, etc), and has an unreal memory.

Just these last few weeks he has done the following:
  • Said "bye bye" at Costco (he's been waving and saying bye for awhile, but bye bye is new).
  • Will "sing" on demand.
  • Tells us his favorite baby name when asked (I'll have to get a video, to die for cute!).
  • Started saying more words that I can keep up with.
  • Climbs more with much more ease.
  • Breaks more rules, pushes his limits more.
  • Started to hit (not fun, but something that came with this developmental surge).
  • Started to learn not to hit! We worked hard on this, especially in Oregon. He now will get frustrated, raise his hand, and then put it back down. Very proud of him.
  • Started to snuggle! Like real hugs with arms wrapped around me and extended snuggles. This is a first. Just the other morning he was needing an extra cuddle and laid on me on the couch for 20 minutes. He has never done this. I was in heaven.
  • And lots and lots of other stuff that keeps me extremely busy.
He is more adorable with each passing day, and with his new knowledge and understanding of the world around him, it is something that E and I feel very lucky to witness.

Also, isn't he looking like a two year old in these photos? When I tell other Mamas at the playground that he's not yet two they are surprised. He no longer looks like a baby. So handsome and "huge"!

And from month 1 until now:

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  1. Its so crazy how much he looks more and more like a little boy instead of a toddler!


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