Thursday, May 31, 2012

James's Big Boy Room

It's been months in the making. Mostly of me stalling on finishing the curtains and deciding on what to hang above his crib, but finally James's big boy room is complete.

The idea was to create a travel themed room for my little explorer. I absolutely love to travel and travel themed pieces are one of my favorite things to collect. When I started dreaming up his room almost a year ago I decided that a huge old schoolroom map would be the centerpiece to the room. I found one on eBay that fit the bill (huge, full of bright colors, easy to read and an actual schoolroom map). It was purchased and the first tick mark was made on James's room.

When he moved from his nursery to his big boy room in December much of the same elements were in place. Over the last few months I've only added the flags above his bed and the curtains that I finally found time to sew.

His room is full of tiny details that just make me happy. Here is only a small glimpse of it.
The schoolroom map is gigantic, taking up an entire wall. After much thought we decided to hang it over his dresser. We didn't want it to fall off the wall over his crib, because it is seriously so heavy. It looks amazing and James already knows a few countries, just because he loves to ask about it and point at the different colors. To the left is the door out to the hallway, and to the right of the map are his two shelves, filled with toys, books and travel themed mementos.
The curtains are just want I wanted. Simple, ties in the red color and dark. I lined them in black fabric so they are perfect for sunny day nap time. And the three framed maps over his reading nook? All different maps of subway systems. We've got NYC (of course!), the London Tube and Japan's JR Line maps. And the final tiny photo? His awesome vintage inspired airplane nightlight.
Another view of his shelves. The two globes were gifts, Wolfy is on the top left, and the vintage camera was James's great grandfather's and the vintage binoculars were James's great great grandfathers (neat huh?!). A few small suitcases and a ocean liner shadow box finish out the collection.
I himed and hawed over what I wanted over James's crib for so so long. I didn't want anything that could hurt him if it ever fell on him, so a framed picture or poster was out. Finally, after months and months of thinking I decided on these Sailors Choice Nautical Code Flags. They were super easy to make with felt and my glue gun and they are so special. Not only do the tie in the travel theme nicely, but they spell "I love you."
James's reading nook has become a favorite corner in his room. We had to get all his favorite books out to display. He loves looking through them and reading them to himself.
He's a happy happy boy.
Some things I didn't show? A small shelf to the right of his window filled with small travel collections I've had and his two vintage suitcases that hold his toys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day {Temple Square and a BBQ}

As I've stated again and again, James is at the best age right now. He remembers things and talks and contributes to our plans. Last week he requested another visit to Temple Square. What a smart kiddo! He said "see fountains there! Big ones! Splash!"
So on Monday morning (the first day of good weather) we packed up the family and headed to the new City Creek Mall (where there are LOTS of fountains!) and to Temple Square, where there are even more fountains.
As always, I was mesmerized by the flowers, James was mesmerized by the fountains. And E was on falcon watch, because they live on Hotel Utah, which is next to the temple.

Do you see James at the edge of the reflecting pool?
We were surprised we had the entire area to ourselves, being it was a holiday weekend and all, and plus the weather was glorious. But we weren't complaining.
 And all the foxglove was in bloom. :)
 Later E put six racks of ribs on his smoker. Yea, there was a second layer. There were TONS.
We invited his family over for a Memorial Day barbecue, and seriously, the weather was perfection.

James? He does this all the time. Puts his head in the flower box and says "working on something."

 Juliet snuggling with Auntie Chelsea.
James is pretty good about trying new foods. He doesn't like 90% of what he tries, but I give him props for trying them. Here he is with his first ever rib. He said "don't like ribs!" No worries little man, you will, oh you will.
 Post dinner dancing.
And laughing.
And hiding.
 And here is seriously the hottest photo of E. Love this man.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My week {instagram style}

Going-ons this week, a couple of days late.

1. We visit Nana almost every Friday. Last Friday it was cold and pouring. James was saying "look at that Nana! Really really rainy!" 2. Nana and Juliet

3. Post rain storm puddle stomping. 4. A couple of nights we ate outside. One night Juliet just fell asleep in her bouncer. She looked so peaceful.

5. Juliet's first trip to the farmhouse! 6. And my view looking West from the farmhouse lawn.

7. Juliet's vintage blanket was mine when I was little and her vintage romper was my sisters. She looked so sweet! 8. Smiles from my snuggle bunny.

9. One of our weekly playdates this time of year is Wheeler Farm. Its not yet too hot and there are tons of baby animals. James says "I hear the moos!" 10. Hallow log at Wheeler Farm is perfect for pretending you're a raccoon.

11. Chocolate chip pancakes mid week, just because he asked. 12. Tire swings with friends.

13. James reading to me. He said "five oranges, one salami pop and a nice green leaf!" 14. Playing on the lawn with Mama.

15. Saturday morning nap in Mama's arms. 16. Snuggles with my two kiddos. James says "I want to nuggle Mommy!"

17. Small town Utah. 18. Bed gymnastics. Such a goof!

19. More rain. 20. A view from our favorite "secret" park.

Letter to James: Two and a Half


For the first time since starting these letters I feel like I could read you this one, and you'd understand. You understand so much. You understand love and pain and hurt and happiness. When you feel sad or scared you always, always ask for one of two things. One, you ask for your crib. Your crib is your safe zone. Where you retreat and regroup and relax. You feel so safe there, and that makes me happy. I always want you to find comfort in your bed. And two, you ask for me. If you fall and hurt yourself you always try to find me quickly with your eyes. If you get worried or scared you always reach for me. That, my sweet boy, makes me very happy. I love that you find comfort in my arms.

That said, you are a Daddy's boy through and through. You are his "mini-me". You both love the same things (flashlights, cars, music, the outdoors) and you both get excited about the same things (oh my gosh! A plane flying overhead!). You and your Daddy adore each other. Daddy never ever thought he could love you as much as he does. I know this because late at night, after you've been in bed for hours, he'll tell me. I agree, of course. Never did we think we could love somebody as much.

We always comment on how big you're getting, how smart you are, how much you are talking. But, as big and smart and talkative as you are, I want to remember these last fleeting moments of your babyhood. You want to be carried when your tired. You want to snuggle with your binky and your lovey in your crib. You want to be hugged and tickled (something you won't want all too soon). I look at you, and although your hands and feet and face are much bigger than the day you were born, I want to remember you're still small. You're still a little boy looking for guidance, reassurance and love in this big big world.

And those things, my dear, are what a Mama's for.

I love you. More than you will ever know.

Happy half birthday.


Photos are from our ice cream date the other night. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

James is two and a half! {Wolfy}

James is officially two and a half as of yesterday! Over the last six months this kiddo has grown leaps and bounds. He is talking in full sentences, using personal pronouns (like "I" and "me") and is a major riot to be around. When he's good, he's amazing. He is so funny, smart and awesome to be around. When he's challenging (and we've had quite a few challenging days) it is exhausting. But I'm not complaining, he's just acting like a two year old.

He still wears a diaper and shows no interest in potty training (even candy bribery doesn't tempt him). He is wearing 3T clothes and recently grew into a size seven shoe. All his teeth are in (hooray!) and he still is an excellent sleeper. Just yesterday we converted his crib into a toddler bed and he's doing surprisingly well. He loves being able to get into his crib alone, and nap time seems to be working at the moment.

He says the funniest things, and has an AWESOME memory. He still talks about picking blackberries at the neighbor's house last July. Almost a year ago.

Here are some of the things he's been saying:

  • He is very specific about his favorites. It seems he always is telling us what his favorites are. For example he'll say "favorite tree! Like it so much!"
  • He still loves waterfalls. "That waterfall is really really awesome"
  • If we ask him what he thinks he'll respond with either "That sound really good" or "that sound really ok", and sometimes he'll throw a couple of extra "reallys" in there. 
  • He has mastered "Don't want it" and "want it". He tells us this with each and every thing. 
  • He says to Mabel (the kitty) "come here sweet guurl, come here Mabel" I love the way he says girl. 
  • I also love the way he says "thank you", it sounds like "Nnnank you"
  • When he's excited about something he still says "Mama see look!" for me to share in the joy.
  • He is a major bedtime staller, often asking be be tucked in over and over, or saying he's "hungry for a drink"
  • He loves to watch videos of himself on the computer. He says "widios two minutes!" because if we want him to do something we usually give him a two minute warning. 
  • He loves to say "what the heck?" all the time. I think it's adorable.
  • He likes listing the things he loves. He told me the other day "love big trees, love big waterfalls, love big fountains, love flowers, love mommy, love daddy."
  • When speaking to Juliet he'll say "Hello beautiful guurl. Hello sweetie pie"
  • More loves, he told me "I love kitties! I love Rumpus! I love kitties so much!"
  • When listening to the radio in the car he said "don't like this song, don't like it so much."
  • "Saw diggers, I love diggers! Diggers James's favorite!"
  • Yesterday I asked him how he was feeling and he paused to think and then said "I love Daddy and Juliet!"
  • He always wants to have Juliet around. I was so worried that he would resent her, but he says "go to the park? Mama come with, Daddy too, James and Juliet too!"

Dang this kiddo is sweet.

Happy two and a half sweet boy.
Best smile is blurry. Life with a two year old means he's always on the move.
And some post Wolfy block building. I caught a photo of the block falling in the second photo. He thought it was hilarious!

And from month 1 until now:

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