Saturday, May 26, 2012

My week {instagram style}

Going-ons this week, a couple of days late.

1. We visit Nana almost every Friday. Last Friday it was cold and pouring. James was saying "look at that Nana! Really really rainy!" 2. Nana and Juliet

3. Post rain storm puddle stomping. 4. A couple of nights we ate outside. One night Juliet just fell asleep in her bouncer. She looked so peaceful.

5. Juliet's first trip to the farmhouse! 6. And my view looking West from the farmhouse lawn.

7. Juliet's vintage blanket was mine when I was little and her vintage romper was my sisters. She looked so sweet! 8. Smiles from my snuggle bunny.

9. One of our weekly playdates this time of year is Wheeler Farm. Its not yet too hot and there are tons of baby animals. James says "I hear the moos!" 10. Hallow log at Wheeler Farm is perfect for pretending you're a raccoon.

11. Chocolate chip pancakes mid week, just because he asked. 12. Tire swings with friends.

13. James reading to me. He said "five oranges, one salami pop and a nice green leaf!" 14. Playing on the lawn with Mama.

15. Saturday morning nap in Mama's arms. 16. Snuggles with my two kiddos. James says "I want to nuggle Mommy!"

17. Small town Utah. 18. Bed gymnastics. Such a goof!

19. More rain. 20. A view from our favorite "secret" park.

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