Thursday, May 10, 2012

This week {Instagram style}

My week in Instagram (it was a very good week, weather has been SPECTACULAR!!!)

1. Daily walk with James. Around 5:30 the light turns golden and magic. 2. This little bunny has started to giggle! Best sound ever.

3. Best swing photo to date. He likes "really really high and really really fast!" 4. Growling at himself again. Goof.

5. Then and Now at Liberty Park fountains. First photo from last summer, second photo from this season. 6. Dropping pebbles down the pipe. He does this every day when we walk.

7. Playdate at Wheeler Farm. We played on the big beach near the river and the two boys happily threw rocks for an hour. 8. And we spotted two Canadian geese with 20 goslings. Twenty!

9. Sleepy head didn't want to wake up on her three month "birthday"  10. Other sleepy head has not been feeling well (damn you molars) and asks for his crib throughout the day. He gets in, lies down and stays quiet for quite some time. Poor kiddo.

11. Weekends at the Aviary with Dada. 12. My favorite way to hold her, her favorite way to be carried. (Also! Stripes!)

13. Saltwater season has arrived! 14. One of my favorite photos of Juliet, snuggled next to Mama. Her little round head and perfect rosebud lips. Something about this photo just melts me.

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