Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Eve

First Mother's Day ever as a Mama E wanted it to be really really special. Do to the fact that we had quite a few family commitments on Mother's Day, we decided to celebrate Mother's Weekend, where Saturday E and James spoiled me rotten.

E woke up early and got started on the most AMAZING breakfast. He'd been planning a special brunch for me for a few days, and decided on two new recipes: sweet corn and potato frittata and croissant french toast. Both of them are my new favorite breakfast foods. Seriously, so so good. The croissants was dunked in heavy cream and whiskey before grilling, and then drown in real maple syrup. They melted in your mouth. The frittata was crunch, spicy, sweet and just glorious. I could go on and on.

Plus, E and I were able to have a nice long relaxing brunch do to the fact that a certian somebody went down for a nap right before the food was served. Yep, he's turned into a pretty great napper.

Above: flowers E got me, yummy as hell breakfast, and the iPad. Who needs a cookbook when you have gadgets?

Once James woke up from a 2.5 hour nap (heaven!) we packed up the car with cameras, water bottles, blankets and the babe and headed down to Thanksgiving Point Gardens for their annual Tulip Festival (remember I went last year?).

The weather was amazing. The baby was so so so damn smiley. Every time we plopped him down in front of an amazing bed of tulips he's just grin and giggle charming the pants off of anyone in the vicinity. Seriously, each time we'd sit him down an entire crowd would stop and say things like "look at that cute baby!" and "can you get over that grin?"

The gardens are unreal at Thanksgiving Point. To all the Utahans who have yet to experience this, it is worth the $10, so worth it.

E and I walked all around with the stroller, stopping often for photos, and once for an emergency diaper change. We chatted about our own garden, photos and how much we love this little boy.

And we got hundreds of smiles from James and everyone who saw him. Awesome way to spend Mother's Day Eve.

I wanted to post all of these because I couldn't pick a favorite. Get ready for photo overload...

He is so proud of his strong legs. He loves to practice standing.
And then, right at the end of our walk, as if our day couldn't get any more perfect, we heard "owls" and "have you seen them?" On the rocks near the falls we saw her... a perfectly wonderful and beautiful Great Horned owl, nesting with her two fledglings. Fluffy little bits of gloriousness. For those who don't know, I LOVE owls. They rate right up near the top of my favorite animals. Before James was born, I "decided" that owls would be his favorite. I was beyond thrilled to see a Mama owl with babies on Mother's Day Eve. Life is perfect.

Mama and baby watch the Mama and babies.
Um, hello. Perfect, right?
Mama keeps one eye open and baby #1 has wide eyes. Kinda like James's eyes at 3:00 am. ;)


  1. Your family is SO cute!! And your pictures are incredible! I love checking them out all the time.

  2. Love the owls!!

    Is James wearing the shoes from my house? So cute!

  3. Yes! James is wearing his sweet shoes you gave us! He looks so stink'n cute in shoes.


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