Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spent a Saturday at the cabin

Last weekend we decided to join my aunt and uncle and cousin Taylor at the cabin for the day. E was leaving for a week long trip the following day, so we felt like we wanted to enjoy the day and pretend like it was the entire weekend.

On the way in we kept our eyes peeled for yellow-bellied marmots (last time we spotted eleven on just the drive out!), and while we did see some marmots, we also saw this amazing duo. Mama and calf.
The meadow is always the first place we visit and James is now big enough to explore alone a little more.
My cousin Taylor is in town. It is so fun to see him because he lives on the east coast. And his best friend Yanic was around as well. James loves hanging with the big boys and always has lots to say and joke about.

The boys in the treehouse out across the woods. James and Taylor hiked together, even holding hands. Love it.
Itty bitty frogs. See this guy still has the remains of a tail.
"Our" meadow. My favorite place on earth.

Late in the afternoon we decided to go explore one of the many boulder fields. The kids are amazing climbers and scrambled up the big rocks quickly.
Caves and boulders.

And on the way out we saw three male moose.
Such a fantastic way to spend the day.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Red Butte Garden on a Sunday

 No words needed, just another lovely Sunday in the garden.

 Accidental matching girls.
 Accidental matching boys.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer at the farmhouse!

To celebrate our anniversary this year we decided on a overnight trip to the farmhouse with the kids. E was able to take Friday off which is a present in of itself. We were SO stoked because the end of June was ruthless here with the heat wave. It was terrible, over 100 for more than a week.

And then some rain moved in and the heat wave broke! The two days we were at the farmhouse it was in the mid 80s as a daytime high! Which is PERFECT for biking, walking, playing in the sunshine and enjoying the ones I love.
Our favorite thing to do at the farmhouse is take long drives and explore all the funny corners of Sanpete Valley. Since having kids we don't take nearly as many drives, and they aren't long drives, but we still get out and see stuff. Our favorite tradition is an evening drive into the farmland.
We always stop at this bridge to check out the river and look for hawks in the nearby trees.

James set up this picture for me and I could just die I love it so much.
The evening clouds were insane. And see the horseshoe mountain below?
E got a new tow hitch and bike rack for his birthday so we brought all of our bikes and had quite a few rides. One day we even rode over to the Hawaiian sno cone shop.
Bubblegum sno cones for life.
Sky, flowers, sunshine, bikes, farmland.
We always lie a blanket in the shade and relax and tease. This tease didn't understand the "relax" portion of the deal.
On Saturday morning after a rough night E let me take a bike ride while he stayed back with the crazies. I went far down a dirt road I hadn't explored much. The air was cool and beautiful and the sky was cerulean. The fields were all deep green filled with cows, horses and sheep. I rode and rode. Finally when the road turned into a private lane I turned around. As I whipped around a corner fast on my bike I heard a scuffle in the grass. I stopped to look and almost got sprayed by a skunk! I was so happy! Not that I didn't get sprayed (I was thrilled with that fact) but I love seeing wildlife and skunks are no different.

I hopped back on my bike after watching the skunk for a bit. And just moments later I saw a fox off in the fields! Needless to say, it was the best bike ride of my life. (Well maybe this one, and maybe this one too.)

Later in the day we ate a picnic lunch, explored historic Spring City and took another bike ride or two. Such a lovely weekend.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fourth of July and celebrating E's birthday

I am so behind on blogging, but I will catch up. We went to the farmhouse and Red Butte Garden this weekend and I took my big camera to both and got some great shots!

The fourth of July and early July is such a fun time for our family. E's birthday falls on the 1st and we decided to get sushi to celebrate. E wanted a tow hitch and a bike rack for his present.

To celebrate the fourth we decided to head to our favorite Chinese restaurant, because after all, America is the greatest melting pot, right? We ordered all of E's favorite dishes and then headed back to his parents' house for pie, pool and fireworks.

The cousins are getting so big and SO fun. Emilia has a blast with James and Juliet, and my kids talk about Emilia for days afterwards.

Happiest fourth!
Forth of July cupcakes! Damma always makes sure the kids have all the sugar that E and I don't give them on a regular basis.
My handsome guy turning 34.

Such fun traditions, the tank wars are always the favorite.
Could they get any cuter?!
And I'm all about the passage of time. July 4th 2013. Look at these girls! I die!
Last year.
Grownin' up too fast. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summertime! {Smith and Moorehouse}

You know what is great about being part of an adventuring family? There is always someone doing something. My brothers are hardly home all summer long with long lists of plans for kayaking and camping. My sister has concerts, road trips, and hiking planned. My dad is always in the mountains and is always happy to invite us along.

Over the fourth of July weekend he often heads to Smith and Moorehouse Reservoir to camp and play by the lake. This year we decided to join him for a single day. Next year we may need to stay up there, it was seriously so lovely.
The reservoir was small, feeling more like a lake (no motorized boats allowed) and there was a beach along the entire western edge. My dad snagged a great spot and we joined him and his fiancé, her daughter and husband and a handful of kids. We brought beers, snacks and camp chairs and hung out all day.
James and Juliet tried kayaking for the first time on my dad's kayak. Both kids loved it and can't wait to try again.
And is this just paradise? That's E and James out there.
Juliet was excited to go on the "girl team" (her words) kayak trip.
After a full day of swimming and playing, we went to my dad's campsite for burgers and s'mores. Leaving wasn't easy, the kids were begging to stay and camp. Next time kiddos, for sure. We can't wait to return.

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