Friday, October 28, 2016

NYC at last!

It had been over three years since our family had visited someone very dear to us, my Grandma Florence in New York. We wanted to go this summer (my grandma is 98, so not getting younger) but our ten year anniversary and a camping trip to celebrate my mom's 60th ate up our entire summer's vacations. We decided that over fall break we MUST get to New York.

And made it we did. GG (Great-Grandma) and Aunt Ellie were thrilled to see us. The kids were really engaged and talked and talked. When they grew bored they'd draw pictures and discuss their drawings. We visited every morning, with New York bagels, and even brought dinner over one evening.

At 98, Florence lives alone, has a strong memory, and still gets around with only a walker.  James and Juliet are two of seven great-grandchildren. We really had such a lovely time and she is such a great excuse to visit NYC.
Next up, what we did in Manhattan. 
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