Meet James

James Alexander
Born 11/24/09
Always amazing

James. My little man. How I love him so.

James is unreal. All parents say that right? That their kid is awesome, sweet, smart, funny, amazing. Yea, we say all those things too.

James is a tender gentle boy that loves his little sister, getting big hugs from his Mama (which luckily enough is me!) and spending time with Daddy on the weekends.

He loves a good long nap (I wake him every day because this kid could sleep the day away!), throwing rocks into the river, seeing waterfalls, and anything related to construction vehicles. He loves being outdoors, building forts and playing with all the people in his life that love him.

He's a goof. A sweetheart. A smarty pants. He is amazing.

E and I never imagined we could be so happy as we are. Parenthood rocks, and you don't know how awesome it will be until you're there. And it's pretty damn awesome.

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And want to see what James's nursery looked like? (It is now Juliet's!) And check out his big boy room!

And a year of Wolfy photos! I actually did this each month until James was two,  click on "Wolfy" above to find the full posts.
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