Sunday, April 19, 2015

My kids are complete loons

My kids are very used to having their photo taken. Ever since their birth, photography has been my favorite hobby. And letting them choose how to smile or stand is always up to them. Sometimes I ask for nice smiles, or try to make them laugh, but other times I just roll with it. The both have huge personalities, and letting them direct themselves is a joy. 
Going back to the garden again and again this time of year is our favorite activity. I absolutely adore that the kids like visiting the garden more than almost anything else. "This is really fun! The garden is beautiful!" James said more than once.
Each picture I snapped of these two is sillier than the last.
While this may be my favorite photo of the day, I can't help but adore the more mischievous ones too.
Are you scared yet? And the light on the tulips was SO BRIGHT that my camera just decided to give up apparently.
 This handsome man is going to kindergarten orientation later this week.

Notice his shirt? It's one of my faves and he's worn it for three years already. I painted the map with fabric paint (which washes up beautifully) and added a little red hearts to places that have particular importance to E and I. Salt Lake City, New York City, London, Florence, Kyoto, and Tanzania. Then I listed all the places on the back of the shirt. Travel and crafts and children's clothes, all combined into one favorite shirt.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The mountains are calling and I must go

After a huge, thick, wet snowfall on Tuesday the mountains looked absolutely magnificent yesterday. I dropped James off at preschool, and on the way home promised myself that I must see them up close. The blue sky and the swirling clouds looked absolutely magical.

And Juliet, my best little buddy is always up for an adventure.

Lately she has been very very attached to Tiger, E's Hobbes from when he was a kid. Tiger goes everywhere with us, eats every meal tucked behind her back, and sleeps with her every single night. Tiger, apparently feels the cold, and needed to be tucked gently into a snowsuit.
I don't mind spring snow after such a warm spring.
*Anybody out there have a problem with Blogger adjusting saturation when uploading? Drives me batty. If anybody can tell me how to override it I'll give you a gold star and a hug. ;)
This snow bunny only wants to eats handfuls of snow.

Our constant companion. I smile, thinking about all the years I took a doll with me everywhere I went.
I can't get over her personality these days. She is SO FUNNY. So happy. The other day during quiet time I heard her singing "I am so happy! And my whole body is naked!"
It's pretty hard not to smile from ear to ear when I'm with her. (Again with the saturation?!!!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

Oh Easter, how I adore you. Easter means everything good, warm spring air (if we are lucky), new dresses and lots of fun treats. This year the kids got new swimsuits and flip flops for our Maui trip that is right around the corner. They also got a kite, sidewalk chalk, and Juliet got a little basket for her tricycle.
We had a little egg hunt around the main floor.
James also got a snorkel set!
Later in the afternoon we went to E's sister's house for more baskets, dinner, and the much anticipated egg hunt that E's dad The Easter Bunny puts on every year.
Damma always goes all out with Easter goodies.
These sweet cousins are getting so big.
Our family.
The entire egg hunt was Star Wars themed, which was so so exciting for my two Star Wars obsessed kids.
The clues took us to all the best places in Midway, including this amazing covered bridge.

There was lots of wind and laughs and more clues, until we finally found the goodies (more fruit, candy, treats and toys!). Happy happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Birthday BBQ with my family

Birthday weekend was beautiful weather wise, so luckily we were able to have my entire family over and eat on the back patio. Early April is usually quite chilly but this year has been so warm and wonderful.

Having everyone over only happens about once a year, which needs to change, because we always have such a fun time. Aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, nieces and nephews.
Left to right: James, Jess, Chandler, Witt, Brandon, Mike, Laura, Grandma, Melissa, Mom, Charles, Juliet. Only missing me and E!
The kids love showing off for their aunts and uncles, lots of big laughs.
James said outright, more than once, that Brandon's girlfriend Jess is his favorite. He says he loves her. ;)
My best girl.
Brandon spent the entire evening playing with the kids, blowing these retro bubbles for a very happy and supportive fan club.
Chandler and Brandon adore James. How could you not?
Yellow bubbles! Matches the daffodils which fill our flower boxes.
Bunny birthday cake, which has been a tradition my entire life. I didn't get to blow out the candles, instead I had some awesome helpers.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Happiest birthday to me!

Last Friday I turned 34. I can hardly believe it. Ever since I became a parent, the years slip by in super speed. These years, the years when my children are young, are the happiest years of my life.
E had been out of town the entire week traveling for work, so he took my birthday off (a present in of itself!) and we celebrated all day. We started out at Blue Plate for breakfast (eggs benedict for me, always) and back home to finish building my birthday present, garden boxes to hold veggies in the backyard.
Later in the afternoon we went to Thanksgiving Point gardens, knowing we were a touch to early to hit the tulips, but promising that we'd be back in a couple weeks.
The kids showered me with kisses and "I love yous" and "happy birthdays" all day long.
It was a touch chilly which meant that we had the garden to ourselves.

This little girl is so silly, so sweet, so hilarious. I adore her.
This one is for Colette, who nicely asked for a picture of me for once. ;)
Can you even get over these two?!
Although we were too early for tulips, the daffodils were at their prime.
And guess who (hoo?) returned after five years of being away. Five years ago, James's first time to the Tulip Festival, I saw this mother great horned owl nesting, and finally, after all this time she is back. Holy crap, look at this post, with baby James and the baby owls. 
Even if it's a touch cool, the sunshine makes it all worth it.
We stayed late into the afternoon, headed home, fed these two goof balls and then left for a dinner date. E took me to Fresco's which is AMAZING and was the location of our very first fancy date 16 years ago. Lots of memories. Lots of good birthdays, and lots more to come.

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