Sunday, April 19, 2015

My kids are complete loons

My kids are very used to having their photo taken. Ever since their birth, photography has been my favorite hobby. And letting them choose how to smile or stand is always up to them. Sometimes I ask for nice smiles, or try to make them laugh, but other times I just roll with it. The both have huge personalities, and letting them direct themselves is a joy. 
Going back to the garden again and again this time of year is our favorite activity. I absolutely adore that the kids like visiting the garden more than almost anything else. "This is really fun! The garden is beautiful!" James said more than once.
Each picture I snapped of these two is sillier than the last.
While this may be my favorite photo of the day, I can't help but adore the more mischievous ones too.
Are you scared yet? And the light on the tulips was SO BRIGHT that my camera just decided to give up apparently.
 This handsome man is going to kindergarten orientation later this week.

Notice his shirt? It's one of my faves and he's worn it for three years already. I painted the map with fabric paint (which washes up beautifully) and added a little red hearts to places that have particular importance to E and I. Salt Lake City, New York City, London, Florence, Kyoto, and Tanzania. Then I listed all the places on the back of the shirt. Travel and crafts and children's clothes, all combined into one favorite shirt.

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