Friday, July 28, 2006

My husband is very sexy!

I truly believe that my new husband is one of the most good-looking men on this planet, so how did I become so lucky to land him? Also, he is the most kind, generous, wonderful person I have ever met.

Here is a picture of us in Yosemite the day before the wedding:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A picture today

This is my grandparents and I on my wedding day. These are the grandparents that did all my flowers for my wedding and also hosting the most beautiful tea party in their garden for my shower. This is my Grandpa that is sick with bladder cancer. He will start chemo and radiation this week, and we are all hoping for the best, he is a very special person.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The wedding week:

For the next couple of days I'm going to post a few photos here of our time in Yosemite. These are not wedding pictures, instead just the photos of our hikes and things we saw.

First up: a great photo E took of me descending the Mist Trial. The Mist Trial runs along side the base of Vernal Falls and is named adequately.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The wedding...

On my wedding day I carefully waked downstairs after getting dressed in my gown to finally see my soon to be husband all dressed up, and him to see me. E looked so handsome, more handsome than I had ever seen him. He smiled as I walked towards him, and the photographer (my work buddy) snapped photos. I kept thinking that these would be the best photos of E he’ll ever own, I’ve never seen him look so great. I walked towards him and we kissed. I think that might be a good photo too!

So, the plan was, was to get most of the formal photographs out of the way before the wedding started, so we could enjoy cocktail hour with our guests. We posed for lots of pictures, inside and out. I kissed E on the cheek and we held hands. Soon it was time for the group shots, one with his family, one with mine, one with the bridesmaids, one with the groomsmen, one with my siblings, one with his, and so on! We did this for over an hour, but it was so fun! Everybody was so excited for the wedding ahead, and everyone looked wonderful all dressed up. My flowers were done just in time to be in my photos, and they were splendid. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

It was finally time, and guests were beginning to arrive. We wanted my dress to be a surprise to everyone but the wedding party, so E and I went upstairs to rest and relax while our groomsmen acted as ushers. I was hot, and my dress was tight, but I was happy. E and I talked about how we would never forget this moment, and how it seemed weird that we would soon be husband and wife.

After what seemed like ages BH and D came and got us, saying the guests were seated, and E needed to head outside and take his place in the front. A moment after he left I walked downstairs to meet my dad and my bridesmaids and groomsmen in the woods behind the meadow. Everyone was so excited. My Dad looked sad and happy all at once, and the weather was fantastic. As I waited for my bridal party to walk down the aisle I watched squirrels on the lawn, and told my Dad not to be nervous.

Finally it was my turn, the music changed and my Dad and I began to walk. I thought about my family, my soon to be husband, and how happy I was. I also concentrated on not stepping on my dress. Before I knew it I was at the front of the aisle. I kissed my Dad on the cheek and E shook his hand. I handed my flowers to my sister, and took E’s arm. This was it!

The judge that was acting as our officiant was cute, and really sweet. The ceremony went perfectly, and I felt like the words really captured what E and I were all about. Right before we were to repeat our vows a little breeze floated through, and I closed my eyes and was truly happy. I chocked up a bit when I said “to have and to hold as long as we both shall live” but all in all, I did pretty well with not crying. We exchanged rings and kissed and were pronounced husband and wife.

Here is a picture that was taken right after the ceremony before we walked down the aisle (notice Yosemite Falls in the background):

E and I headed to the back lawn to sign our marriage license and our guests joined us. Everyone told us how beautiful Yosemite was, and how beautiful we both looked.

We stood from a couple more quick group photos (large family photos) and then we headed towards the Solarium for the reception.

E and I walked slower than most of our guests. We held hands the entire way back to the hotel, and talked about how perfect everything went. I knew this moment would never be forgotten.

Once back to the Solarium, the party was already in full swing. E and I stood in line at the bar to get a drink and were informed to get to the appetizer table quickly, before everything was gone! Well neither of us made it, most things were gone by the time we got there, but what we did try was so good!

Neither E nor I were sad, or in the least bit hungry, we were happy the appetizers went to the guests. We chatted with our guests for the better part of an hour and I got to finally hold SF, who thought I looked “so marry” in my wedding dress (she’s only 2!)

Everyone was so kind, and every one of my guests told us what a spectacular location we had decided on. E and I were truly beaming with pride.

Soon it was time for us to head inside for dinner, but first the DJ was going to introduce us all to the guests. First came the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and then E and I. We got a standing ovation. I’ve always wanted a standing ovation, and I think my own wedding counts.

E and I had the best spots in the house, center table facing all of our guests. I sat between him and Ch, and it was just perfect. The salads were served (spinach with blue cheese, figs, and candied walnuts) and wine was poured. E and I got up periodically to visit with our guests at other tables; everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.

Soon dinner was brought out. E got the steak, I got the salmon and both were to die for!!! This was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and we weren’t the only ones impressed, everyone was raving. D said he had never had a steak as good.

Before we knew it, dinner was over. We made another round to visit all our guests while the staff poured everyone champagne for the toast. We didn’t know what to expect, other than BH and my sister had put some serious thought into this. BH’s was so kind, and he said we were the perfect example of “happily ever after.” My sister’s was heartwarming and very sweet. Then the floor opened to other toasters, and we had a lot of guest toasts. Each was so beautiful and heartfelt. I got teary on more than one. My little flower girl KY really wanted to sit on my lap for all the toasts, which made it that much more special.

All too quickly the toasts were over, and it was time for us to cut the cake. I knew there was a special way to hold the knife, but I had no clue. My photographer filled us in, and we cut a small piece of the bottom layer of the carrot cake. After cutting it into two, we fed the cake to each other, and didn’t spill a single crumb (and didn’t smear it in each other’s faces).

The cake was so good! The staff whisked it away to cut it, and it seemed like as soon as I got back to my seat there was cake waiting for me. I had a slice of carrot and a slice of lemon and both were amazing. I heard my cousin from the other table say this was the best carrot cake he had ever had, and I smiled at E.

The DJ invited us into the Winter Club room for dancing and I suddenly became nervous. We had taken 9 weeks of dance class for this moment, and I really felt the pressure was on. The music started, and E started the fox trot. I started on time (which is good, I’m always trying to dance too fast with fox trot) and we spun and glided around the room. I lip synced the words to our first song Come what May. “I will love you, until the end of time, come what may, come what may!”

Pretty soon it was time for the entire party to start dancing. My dad and I danced together, and all our guests joined in. The dance mix was perfect, and very few people left the dance floor. E danced with our flower girl to I love the Flower Girl and we all boogied to Thriller.

All too soon it was over, and our guests started to say goodbye. We hugged and kissed each of them and finally it was just E and I. I took his hand, and we walked outside. I looked up at the moon and the stars and the granite cliffs and told him I loved him, and I would never forget this night.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Wedding Day

I woke up early on July 9th to find my Grandma and Aunt already up. E was in the bathroom with a sick stomach, nerves no doubt. I helped E back to bed, got him a cool rag for his head, and went outside to enjoy the Yosemite morning with my Grandma. Today was a big day, and the reason we were all here in Yosemite, and there was still so much to do!

I wanted to eat a small breakfast so I could fit into my dress later that day so I grabbed a yogurt and started to talk about the wedding day to the ever growing party of family members that began to rise. We had to get iron our dresses, do our hair, take showers, and get all the flowers ready.

After a quick shower I headed off to my Dad’s family’s house as people started to scurry around the kitchen. I had not yet said hello to most of my New York Family. I found their house easily enough and was welcomed my hugs and kisses from my Dad’s mom. We chatted about the day ahead and I remembered I had not yet dropped off favors to this side of my family. I decided to run back to my house, pick up the favors (red water bottles), and see if E was feeling any better.

He was feeling fine, and we decided to dash back up to the other house with the bottles. Everyone thought the bottles were really cute, and couldn’t believe we got them personalized. My cousins all gave me hugs and I was finally able to meet SF, my cousin H’s first child. She was so cute!

After E and I got back to the house the ordeal began… My Grandma and Grandpa left to the Ahwahnee to begin on the flowers. I got my dress out and began to steam it, and my mom started doing my hair. I got really grouchy because my hair was being a bitch so finally E just decided to make me some lunch (good thinking!).

We finished my dress, got my nails done (thanks CH!), got my Mom’s dress steamed, and I put on makeup. E and BH started getting dressed into tuxes. E looked so handsome!

I left the house with my Mom about 15 minutes before E and BH because I was going to get dressed at the hotel. The drive down to the Ahwahnee was uneventful, and I got more and more excited for the night ahead.

Once at the hotel my Mom and I ran up to a private room to get changed. My dress fit beautifully- I was so happy! We placed my vial in my hair, and put on some lipstick. My Mom went to find E and the photographer, so we could have photos of E when he first saw me.

My Mom returned and told me to head downstairs, my future husband was anxiously awaiting…
(tomorrow I’ll write up the full account of the wedding!)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am a married woman and everything was perfect!

It was honestly perfect, here are some pictures. I will add more later and a full account of everything that happened!

The Solarium is all set up for my reception.

E and I kiss after the ceremony!

We walk down the asile as husband and wife.

Let the party begin! Here E and I are at the head table.

More to come, I promise!
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