Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Wedding Day

I woke up early on July 9th to find my Grandma and Aunt already up. E was in the bathroom with a sick stomach, nerves no doubt. I helped E back to bed, got him a cool rag for his head, and went outside to enjoy the Yosemite morning with my Grandma. Today was a big day, and the reason we were all here in Yosemite, and there was still so much to do!

I wanted to eat a small breakfast so I could fit into my dress later that day so I grabbed a yogurt and started to talk about the wedding day to the ever growing party of family members that began to rise. We had to get iron our dresses, do our hair, take showers, and get all the flowers ready.

After a quick shower I headed off to my Dad’s family’s house as people started to scurry around the kitchen. I had not yet said hello to most of my New York Family. I found their house easily enough and was welcomed my hugs and kisses from my Dad’s mom. We chatted about the day ahead and I remembered I had not yet dropped off favors to this side of my family. I decided to run back to my house, pick up the favors (red water bottles), and see if E was feeling any better.

He was feeling fine, and we decided to dash back up to the other house with the bottles. Everyone thought the bottles were really cute, and couldn’t believe we got them personalized. My cousins all gave me hugs and I was finally able to meet SF, my cousin H’s first child. She was so cute!

After E and I got back to the house the ordeal began… My Grandma and Grandpa left to the Ahwahnee to begin on the flowers. I got my dress out and began to steam it, and my mom started doing my hair. I got really grouchy because my hair was being a bitch so finally E just decided to make me some lunch (good thinking!).

We finished my dress, got my nails done (thanks CH!), got my Mom’s dress steamed, and I put on makeup. E and BH started getting dressed into tuxes. E looked so handsome!

I left the house with my Mom about 15 minutes before E and BH because I was going to get dressed at the hotel. The drive down to the Ahwahnee was uneventful, and I got more and more excited for the night ahead.

Once at the hotel my Mom and I ran up to a private room to get changed. My dress fit beautifully- I was so happy! We placed my vial in my hair, and put on some lipstick. My Mom went to find E and the photographer, so we could have photos of E when he first saw me.

My Mom returned and told me to head downstairs, my future husband was anxiously awaiting…
(tomorrow I’ll write up the full account of the wedding!)

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