Friday, June 28, 2013

I've begun sewing again! {favorite Juliet outfit}

I sewed this sunsuit. I'm quite proud. :)

It has been a very very long time that I've sewed anything other than curtains (way back in early 2009!) and I was quite nervous to start this project. Rationally, I knew it was an easy pattern (three pieces plus straps!) but irrationally I wanted it to be perfect. Better than perfect for my Juliet.

I've actually been dreaming about sewing for a baby girl forever. I sewed for my dolls all the time before children, but what I really wanted to sew for was my own baby girl.
I found the perfect vintage pattern on eBay and the perfect fabric at Gardner Village. And the fabric features Little Red Riding Hood. Yea, just like Juliet's baby shower. Perfect perfect.
For the first time in my life I made a mock-up just so I could work all the kinks out and make my Little Red romper perfectly.
It is not perfect, but I am so so happy with the way it turned out. Seeing her in it almost brings tears to my eyes. Seriously, I've dreamed about sewing my daughter's clothes since I was about eight years old.
James felt a little left out, boy clothes are certainly not a fun to sew. At least he's got a Super Grover tee.
More homemade outfits to come. Lots lots more. ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is here! {IG style}

Summer is officially here, it's hot. We've been staying cool in the splash pad, sprinklers and mountains.

Here are a few of my favorite moments over the last weeks from IG.

She is fearless on the slides. Fearless. But James loves to ride down with her and says "I'll help you sweet girl". He's the best brother a sister could have.
Picking up chalk over and over and over is her favorite game.
Sunday morning hikes are our new tradition. She loves them so much she wears herself out.
Best hiker I know. Seriously, how pretty are those woods?! This was on the way to Donut Falls.
#DailyWalkWithJames is one of my favorite hash tags. We still go out almost every day. It's getting earlier and earlier in the morning due to the heat, but that's ok. We all enjoy ourselves so much, especially since the littlest walker is now walking.
For even more IG photos of these two (way way way more) and mini videos too follow me on IG @happierstill.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Celebrating the summer solstice in the mountains

Summer is officially here. My sweet sun nymphs and E and I celebrated with a walk around Silver Lake and dinner in the mountains.

Is that photo above just amazing?! It was my favorite photo from the entire day and I snapped it with my iPhone after we ate dinner and went exploring a bit more.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. E decided to take Friday off from work due to a very busy travel schedule in May and June. Luckily for us, it was also the longest day of the year.
We were so excited to use the portable BBQ again, we decided to take dinner up to Silver Lake and enjoy one of our favorite Utah mountain spots.
The majority of the trail is a boardwalk, wide and level, so quite easy for our newest "hiker".

E brought his binoculars in hopes of some wildlife spotting and James tried them out and wouldn't put them down. He looked like this for pretty much half the hike. (And can we just talk about how darling Juliet is?!!)
Glad he put them down for just a moment, and flashed such a darling smile.
Late in the day slanted light makes for the most magical scenes.

We brought the wagon but Juliet wanted to walk, and did in fact walk most of the .75 mile loop.
Once done with our walk we set up dinner at our favorite picnic site. There is a view of the wetlands, and this perfect little grassy spot for the kiddos to play while be prepared dinner.
This photo TOTALLY cracks me up. Oh Juliet. Crazy hair, whipped cream mustache. Love her.
Super easy mountain dinner consisted of store bought pasta salad and frog eye salad, chips, and delicious burgers grilled to order.
After dinner the sun dipped lower in the sky, turning everything golden.
My golden boy.

When the evening light catches the insects in the air it just speaks summer to me. I find it so beautiful.
And we did spot some wildlife! From the car on the way up we spotted a Mama moose and her twins right by the side of the road. Sweet babes.
Happy summer!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rocky Mouth Waterfall {Father's Day!}

On Father's Day we woke early, had a quick breakfast and headed out the door to visit one of our favorite short hikes in Salt Lake. This short steep hike is fantastic for kids 3+ because it is so easy, the river is shallow and clear, and there are not slippery rocks on the river floor.

It is one of our family's all time favorites.

Juliet was unsure about the baby backpack again, but this time we got smart and packed the camelback, suddenly when she had access to her own straw and unlimited sips of water, she was as happy as can be.

Sunday mornings are the best for Utah hiking, we had the trail to ourselves.

Happy happy Father's Day!

E had such a good time (which was the point, as it was Father's Day) he said "let's make Sunday morning hikes our new family tradition. I couldn't agree more.
If you want to go (you should) the Rocky Mouth Canyon Trailhead is located in Sandy, Utah. There is a small signed parking area on the east side of the road at 11300 South Wasatch Boulevard. Hike through the neighborhood, up the steep trail and you're there!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend, Tram ride!

We had so much fun over Father's Day weekend, I'm going to split it into two posts. We could go on an on about what an incredible father E is, but I'll keep it to two posts. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you already know what an awesome (and totally hot) Daddy this man is. I'm happy to call him mine.

Saturday was wonderful. We started the day with berry and Nutella crepes and ended it with margaritas and Mexican food in the mountains.

The best part of the day, however was the Tram ride to the top of the Hidden Peak at Snowbird. We zoomed out the mountain only to stop on the tip top to play in the quickly melting snow, throw snowballs and pretty much soak in the awesome man that makes Father's Day worth it.

We all love E. He is the most amazing father, loving and giving and playful and awesome.

Up the mountain we went. Of course when one wants up, they both do. No problem, according to E. Super Daddy status. Perfect Father's Day portrait too.

Apparently she's not afraid of heights. She kept trying to climb the tram rails like a ladder. 
Whenever a kind stranger offers to take our photo I say yes. Thanks Mr. Tram Operator! It's perfect.
Moments after this photo was snapped E let go of Juliet's hand to pick James up and show him something. Juliet teetered a little too close to the edge (only a foot drop or so, not the entire mountain), but no worries, E, with ninja reflexes, just kept holding James, did a backflip or something, and all was well.
James thought it was hysterical to throw snowballs at Juliet and I.
 Little turkey. ;)
Soon E got in on the action and they both looked so darling laughing and throwing snow at each other. And the light bouncing off the snow, and the background, and everything just made for a perfect moment. This photo might be my favorite photo of the two of them, ever. And the photo of the top of just E? Gah. Melts me.
After a fantastic ride down the mountain we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant, ordering margaritas, appetizers and a fantastic dinner to celebrate this man we all love so much.
Side note: Juliet learned to say "daddy" this weekend! Perfect timing baby girl!
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