We love to travel!

E and I love to travel. In the early years of us dating I used to talk a lot about how I wanted to travel the world. It was my biggest life goal. E, at first, was a little unsure. He liked it here in Utah. Slowly but surely I convinced him that traveling is they way to live. And for the past six years we've spent almost all our extra money on traveling. We've really been lucky enough to go on some fantastic trips.

Some of our favorites include:
Tanzania where we got engaged
Yosemite where we got married
Italy where we honeymooned
England which we traveled to the old way, on an ocean liner
Grand Cayman where we rented a big yellow house
Japan where we never have been so mesmerized
Banff and Jasper (and the Banff Springs Hotel) where I traveled while pregnant
New York where we took the baby for his first "big" trip (more New York posts from that trip found in August 2010, you'll just need to scroll down a bit)
And lots and lots of national parks, because we really love national parks.

One day (hopefully soon) we'd like to take James and Juliet internationally. We can't wait.

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