Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fire Island

One of my favorite days in New York had to be the day we took the ferry out to Fire Island. Fire Island, although quite close to land, doesn't allow cars. Bicycles, wagons and the occasional golf cart is all that exists on the quaint little strip of land.

The day actually started out a little weird. Juliet was admitted to the hospital the night before after a full day in the children's ER to monitor her heart, all because we had that scare with my Grandma's pills. If everything looked normal, we were told we would be discharged by eight am.

I was exhausted from three middle of the night EKGs but pumped to get to enjoying our vacation again. THANK GOD everything looked normal and the docs felt that Juliet had not in fact ingested any pills, and by 8:30 we high tailed it out of there.

Last hospital photo only moments after our last EKG.
After stopping back at the hotel so Juliet and I could change out of our clothes from the day before we drove thirty minutes to the ferry stop for Fire Island. The ferry was quite exciting for these two, as neither one has ever been on a boat yet. We sat right near the front so we could watch the captain.

Off we go. It was amazingly beautiful and so refreshing. I kept closing my eyes, letting the sun and heat and sea air clear my head after twenty four very scary hours in the hospital with Juliet. James wanted to be held the entire time so he could watch the "big wave". I kept my eye on my baby girl that I love so dearly and the Fire Island Lighthouse flashing in the distance, like a promise of a wonderful day ahead.
Fire Island is skinny. The ferry landed on the side closest to Long Island and first thing we trekked the quarter mile across the island on foot to play on the beach on the Atlantic side.
We were all hot and sweaty and so excited to jump in.
Juliet played for a bit and I took a beautiful refreshing swim in neck deep water, but after the long night before, both of us just wanted to enjoy and relax. I strapped Juliet onto my tummy in the baby pack, asked E to take this picture and watch James. Juliet and I took a little walk along the coast, and only moments later she fell into a deep slumber against my chest.

As I looked out to sea, and watched the sea birds swoop in and out of the waves I held my baby close. She breathed heavily against me, and never stirred. I needed those two hours. I let the sun and sea and sand wash away all those worries and memories from the hospital. (The children's ward in the ER is a sad sad place to be.)
Meanwhile, Daddy helped James with a sand project. :)
And there was lots of joyful squeals and playful splashing as everyone in the family recharged.

Soon after baby girl woke up we decided to leave the beach and head into town. Ocean Beach on Fire Island is hardly a town. There is a street with 15 restaurant, 20 tee shirt shops, and six ice cream stores, and that's it. It was so charming. We looked at a few menus and decided on a place with doors happily perched open and crab cake sliders on the menu. Juliet loved the raspberry lemonade.
After lunch we explored town a bit and got huge ice cream cones for everyone in the family.

James was fascinated with the dock and Juliet was fascinated with trying to throw herself off the dock.
Once back across the water and back in the car (and after an EPIC meltdown from the three year old), this happened. This NEVER happens. As, it hasn't happened once since James moved from an infant car seat to a toddler seat when he was ten months old. We were ecstatic.
Melt down and hospital included, it was a perfect day from start to finish.

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