Sunday, August 25, 2013

August at the Farmhouse

Over the last three days the weather has been lovely. It was such a hot miserable week. Thursday I took the kids for a walk up the street (less than 200 feet) and they were both flushed and crying by the end. It was just so hot.

But back to the fact that it cooled. It cooled, and it was the best weather we've had since June.

Not only was it cloudy with a breeze, but it was cool enough to actually enjoy being outside.
It was also a special occasion due to the fact that Chelsea and Joe had brought Emilia to enjoy the farmhouse for the very first time. Farmhouse first trips are a big deal. This home has been in E's family for 250 years, and one day it will be James, Juliet, Emilia and any other cousins that will own it. (See James's first farmhouse trip and Juliet's first farmhouse visit too!)
We took a mid day walk to the ice cream shop and picked flowers all along the way.

We take the wagon out daily back at home, but because it is just me, I don't have many photos of what it looks like pulling two heavy kids.
I love love love this one. James's face kills me.
The ice cream shop is a short walk, and not only does it serve ice cream, but traditional Hawaiian shaved ice too. It's amazing.
On the way back home James and E made up a hilarious game. It involves E pretending to be asleep while James steered. Of course they bumped into fences, rocks, and me.

All the silliness meant I got some awesome genuine big smiles from James. This photo below is my new all time favorite of these two.
Not only was Chelsea and Joe with us, E's entire family joined us. We did a lot of playing on the lawn and relaxing.
Baby Emilia is four months old and as darling as ever.
James was seriously in love. Giving lots of nice touches, smiles and kisses.

And just in case you think our family is perfect and we never have meltdowns, I assure you, we are far from perfect, and meltdowns are part of life.


  1. Looks like fun. Enjoyable outdoor weather doesn't happen very long here in Florida. Certainly not in August but that's when we head for the beach. ;) Oh and I can totally relate to the meltdowns. They've become a normal part of our lives lately. lol. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Connie10:31 PM

    Actually, it's only been in our family for 138 years. The land was deeded to us in 1875 by President Grant, and the first part of the house was built shortly thereafter. So, it sounds nice to say 250 years, but this particular part of our family was still in Sweden at that time.
    We had a great time yesterday! A good way to spend our 36th anniversary, with the bunch!

  3. What great photos! Looks like a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing!


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