Saturday, August 24, 2013

Then & Now {farmhouse}

I love Then & Now posts. I love taking photos in the same spot or in the same outfit over time and watch how so many things change, and so many things stay the same.

One of my favorite Then & Now spots is down near E's family's farmhouse. I've been having my photo taken in the same spot since I was pregnant the first time.

Oh what a difference a few years makes.

October 2009. Nine months pregnant with James.
July 2010. James is seven months old.
January 2012, James is two and I am nine months pregnant with Juliet.
October 2012, James is almost three and Juliet is 9 months.
Today. August 2013. James is three a half and Juliet is one and a half. 
More farmhouse photos to come. I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted. 


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  1. Great post. I really love your then and now posts too! Keep em' coming please!


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