Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot in the Caribbean sun

I am home, and I am sad.

I loved spending a week in the Caribbean with my family. For most people traveling with their in-laws and brother and sister-in-laws would be hell, but for me it was fantastic, everyone had such a good time. The house we rented was one of the best vacations homes I have ever stayed in- bar none. The house was clean and big, and in the most beautiful location. Everyone had plenty of room to spread out, and there was easily enough bathrooms (four in all), so there was no fighting over them.

To try to list all of the stuff we did would be silly, but here are a few things, along with some notes:
  • We went snorkeling almost every day. Our favorite spots were Smith Cove and Cemetery Beach, each had awesome viability
  • We drank why too much rum. The islands are known for rum, so on the first day we bought a big bottle and drank rum and cokes and Pina Coladas morning, noon and night
  • We ate great food. The typical Caribbean lunch includes fresh fish with lemon, rice and beans, and fried plantains. All of which was fantastic
  • We looked for shells and sea glass, both on "our beach" and all the beaches we visited
  • We swam with wild sting rays on a sandbar out in the ocean. We were able to also touch, feed, and interact with the rays
  • We visited a sea turtle farm where we got to pick up baby turtles and learn how they are releasing turtles back into the wild
  • We ate a breakfast of fruit, yogurt and cereal outside on our porch ever morning, overlooking the ocean
  • We took lots and lots of photos
  • We enjoyed each other's company
And here are some of our favorite photos in no particular order:

The porch at the Lemon House were we spent a great deal of time-

E looking out to sea on a windswept beach-

Photo of Cemetery Beach where we loved to snorkel-

I got to hold a juvenile sea turtle! He was so cute!

Green iguana hanging out on a palm tree-

Really interesting orange cactus at the Botanical Gardens-

Here were are taking the boat ride out to the sight with all the stingrays. The clouds look much worse than they were, it was a beautiful day-

One day we went to Cemetery Beach and snorkeled right up until sunset. I love this photo with E still swimming as the sun finally dips below the horizon.

E and I at a local restaurant enjoying some local food-

Here is everyone at Rum Point. We had just ordered lunch and were looking forward to our lemonades-

Another typical Caribbean beach-

This is where we ate breakfast every morning while looking out to sea-

We liked these black birds that were all over the island, we called them "Zim birds" because E's family has a cat that is black with yellow eyes named Zim.
More photos to come!


  1. The trip wouldn't have nearly as fun if you guys hadn't been there!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! As always, you take fantastic photos. And I love your descriptions - I can almost feel the sand between my toes.

  3. goldgirl8:01 AM

    What an amazing bunch of photos! It sounds like an awesome trip!!! I can't wait to hear all the details when we talk next!!! I love love love, the underwater photos and the one of E on the beach at sunset!


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