Friday, September 16, 2016


I am so behind on blogging it's getting ridiculous. However, Mr. Watson needs a post of his own.

Two days (two days!) before we left for Yosemite the kids and I were taking a neighborhood walk, which we do almost every day. As we neared our favorite old home we heard a yowling. It had to be a cat, and the yowling was loud.

James and I looked at each other and both raised our eyebrows. "Let's go see if that cat needs help," I said. We walked back down the lane and around into the church parking lot. High high in a tree was a cat!

He was so scared. (Here is a video I shot and uploaded to Instagram.)

I wasn't sure if he could get down so I called the fire department and they directed me to animal control. Luckily, after this, the cat had an audience and he started making his way down the tree head first. A few tense minutes passed and finally this cat (now we could see he was a kitten!) was low enough for a neighbor to climb up and grab him.

As he was lowered I took him into my arms. He was tiny. Scared and meowing. The kids were entranced. We asked the gathered neighbors if they knew where this cat belonged. No one did. So we brought him home to feed him up, get him a drink and put up posters.

E was worried, what were we supposed to do with a kitten when we were leaving for Yosemite in two days. He had a point.

This kitty had no chip, was sick and full of ear mites, but was the biggest love ever. He could clean, use the litter box and mostly was just dying for affection. We hung up posters and called the local shelters, and after two days, decided he was ours.
He got along really well with Mabel the entire week we were gone. Now two and a half months later he doesn't even look like a kitten. He's hilarious. Jumps and runs and plays with toys all day. He wants to snuggle on your face and neck and give kisses on the lips.

He's healthy and happy and looks so much like Rumpus it's fairly ridiculous. We named him after John Watson from Sherlock but decided that his personality was much more Sherlock's than John's. I wanted to change his name to Sherlock but was overruled by the family. I still call him Sherlock in secret sometimes. 😉

Look at his white knee socks on his back legs!

A couple of my favorite IG photos of him:
Juliet loves taking pictures of Watson (above), her is of my favorites of her's:

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