Saturday, April 30, 2016

Apple orchard in the morning

One morning after we dropped James off at school, Juliet and headed over to our favorite apple orchard. (Here's another spring post from two years ago!) This tiny private orchard is right in the city and the owners are the most fantastic people ever. It was warm and lovely, and the trees were buzzing with bees.
I begged Juliet to wear this princess dress. She said "I don't like princesses, I like Darth Vader."
But she flashed me lots of great smiles and after bribing her with candy she wore the dress.

I'm printing this huge for her bedroom.

She said she looked like a bride. I had NO idea she even knew that term. Baby girl is growing up.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happiest birthday to me! And Red Butte Garden twice!

The best birthday present EVER this year was a ridiculously warm day for early April. When I turned 30 it snowed and snowed, but when I turned 35 it was warm enough to have breakfast on the patio and a picnic dinner in the garden!

Also I got the best gifts this year. I've been searching for the perfect leather flat for years. I've had Toms, Frye, and this year finally spurred on Tiek. The Tieks are so expensive, but I wear them every day, and so far they are my favorite by far! Ah! And I got red, so I look amazing everywhere I go. ;)

E also got me an antique Sherlock book, The Hounds of the Baskervilles. It's amazing. A second edition in perfect shape.
We played outside all day, and finally after quiet time went to Red Butte. We didn't wear yellow this year for our annual daffodil photo (they never seem to be my favorite photos, so I skipped it) but had a LOVELY time from beginning to end.
The weather! The happy kiddos!
It's too bad E doesn't know how to treat his woman right. ;)
I asked E for a birthday portrait. Apparently I didn't tell him the most important part of the photo was my new birthday shoes.
Four has been AMAZING for this one.
We saw the sweetest little bunny in these daffodils, munching on the blooms. As soon as we got close he scampered away. (However, I got a little video and posted it on Instagram here.)
We brought bubbles in hopes of perfect photos. Problem is? Kids move FAST when chasing bubbles. 

A few days later we decided to go back to Red Butte with Damma and Chelsea/Joe/Emilia. The weather was too nice not to soak it up.
We thought a cousin photo was needed. The girls both wanted their accessories. So Tiger and the backpack joined the photo.
The first time we went none of the blossoming trees were open, the second time we went everything was at their peek!
Honey bees were everywhere.

Look at this darling almost three year old!

Damma had coins so we could buy duck food.

Absolutely everything was in bloom.

Such a good first week of April!

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