Monday, May 21, 2012

Temple Quarry Trail

On Saturday after a morning of lawn mowing and grocery shopping E suggested taking a walk at Temple Quarry Trail. I LOVE the Temple Quarry trail at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon.
This little bunny was too excited to "talk" to the leaves and the mountains than to fall asleep. Who could blame her though, it is spectacular there.
Really spectacular.
See the big rock in the photo above? I took one of my all time favorite photos of E (from this post) on it before James was born. Now that James is big and adventurous, he decided to climb it with me.
All the way to the top!

Then we hit up the river. James was in heaven. Heaven I tell you. He could throw rocks all day, and the views, and the crystal clear waters, and the temperature that was more than glorious.  I was in heaven too.
And this kid's got a pretty good arm (awesome photos, courtesy of E).

These are from E too, obviously. ;)

What a veiw!

One of the millions of things I love about E is that he loves to take photos (almost) as much as I do. So I get tons of great shots for blog posts like these, with two people snapping away.
There was lots of rock throwing going on.
And of course James requested for "Daddy to throw a really really big rock and make a really really big splash!" Too bad I don't have a photo of his face, I'm sure the smile was "really really big".
And this little girl couldn't help but smile the entire time too.
If you live in Salt Lake, and you haven't been to the Temple Quarry trail, you are missing out. Go there, you'll thank me.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Where do I go to get there? Is there a sign marking it or a parking lot. I have lived in Utah almost my entire life and I have never really hiked anything. Sad huh.

  2. Stacey,
    This trail is not really a hike, more of a walk really, but it is so super fun and is stroller safe! Here is a link with some more info:

    To get there head up Little Cottonwood Canyon. At the point where Wastach Blvd. and Little Cottonwood Rd meet (easily seen on Google Maps) there is a parking lot on the south side right at the top of Little Cottonwood Rd. It is so fun!

    Call me if you get lost or want a buddy to go with.


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