Thursday, May 17, 2012

Going-ons this week {Instagram}

It's been a bit of a tough week. Both kiddos are sick (James with a fever that is keeping him grouchy and up at night) and Juliet with her third cold. Three colds in three months, poor little girl. Here is more of what's been going on, Instagram style:

1. Jolly Tamale. She loves to be swaddled at night. 2. He knows what's up. Nutella for life!

3. We broke out his swim trunks and the sprinkler this week. Awesome! 4. After two days of James not eating we decided on In N Out for dinner tonight. My suspicions were right, even when you feel lousy, fries and milk shakes taste great. Plus, I think (fingers crossed) that he's on the up swing.

5. Daddy pile! Juliet's face cracks me up. 6. We brought his slide outside. Sliding under a rainy sky.

7. Baby toes. It's warm enough to not need baby socks when we are out. 8. Oh Juliet, what a face.

9. Post diaper blowout bath. 10. James building. He says "woah, look at that!"

11. Splash pad fun at Liberty Park. 12. Little girl sleeping off her cold.

13. Playing in the sprinkler with the neighbor boy. 14. Coffee and flowers in bed on Mother's Day!

And that's my week. User name on Instagram is HappierStill. To see more IG photos check my feed here.

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  1. Connie1:32 PM

    I love seeing what my perfect grandkids have been up to all week. "Jolly Tamale" cracks me up!


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