Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Juliet is three months! {Patsy Ann!}

My dear sweet baby girl is three months old today. Three months. With James those first three months crept by but with this baby girl they've gone lightning fast. Seems like just yesterday I was pregnant. Where did my sweet newborn go? These days, this girl is a baby, newborn status is gone for good!
Juliet is such a sweet easy going baby. If she is fussy or crying it is always because of one of the following, all of which are pretty easy to fix: she is hungry, she wants to be held or she is tired.

Most the time though, she is as happy as can be. She makes a perfect addition to our fast paced family.  She loves being out and about and absolutely loves being outdoors, just like her brother. Speaking of things she likes, let's review her likes and dislikes this month:

  • Snuggling. Oh my word is this girl a snuggle bunny. James was never like this, he preferred to be in his crib where he could go to sleep alone. This girl loves a good snuggle session. 
  • Sleeping. :) Seriously, she goes to bed around 9:00 every night and doesn't wake up until 6:30 the next morning!!!! HOLY COW!
  • Her brother. She watches him like a hawk and simply adores him.
  • Her Mama. Right now she's a Mama's girl (not that she doesn't completely love E, because she does), but I'm enjoying the once in her life that she likes me best. :)
  • Being outside. Relaxing in the sunshine. 
  • Cooing. She has the sweetest little voice and will coo back to you if you coo at her.
  • Baths with Mama. I adore this too. Wish I had done it more when James was small, but I was worried about poop and a slippery baby. Both are not huge worries. Bathe with your baby, you will love it. 
  • Chewing on her hands. She just found them and boy oh boy are they delicious. 

  • Carseat. Why oh why must we clip her into that godforsaken thing?!
  • Having a onsie pulled over her head.
  • Not being held/fed/snuggled when she wants to be.
  • Being growled at... a constant battle at our home. James thinks it is hilarious to growl at Juliet when she is asleep. She startles awake, which to a toddler would be pretty funny. Mama and Juliet don't find it funny one bit.

Now onto Patsy Ann photos. This little girl has grown so much. She is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and filling them out way more than I'd like. She might be in 6 month plus clothes in two months! What?!

She has the brightest bluest happiest eyes and the roundest cheeks. It is hard to tell what color her hair will be, in some lights it is quite dark and in other lights it seems quite light. Sometimes it even looks a touch red.

Happy three months baby girl!

All my smile tricks were just not working today. I so wanted a smile photo for this post but Juliet was not giving in. Then James walked into her line of sight and she broke into a huge grin. What a gift it is to be adored...
And I'm going to start adding outfit details to these posts because I always dress Juliet in some of my favorite outfits for her month day photos (I did the same with James of course!)
Snuggle Bunny onesie- Gymboree
Overalls - Next Direct
Handband- homemade by me

And from 1 month until now:

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