Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sweet pea

Life has been a little hectic as of late. James is getting the last of his god forsaken molars. OMG. The crying. The fussing. The naughtiness. He threw a fork at either me or Juliet three times the other day... And today he threw a huge rock at me. I blocked it and it bounced off my hand and into his head. That was a lot of crying, so much crying... but really funny in retrospect (is it really horrible that now I'm laughing about it? It wasn't funny earlier) and the out and out meltdowns.

But we will get through this. James is such a tender heart when the naughties aren't taking over.

This little girl is a good baby. Such a good baby. Not much of a napper, but that's ok. She'll get there.

And man on man do I love those cheeks.
Sweet pea.
James is almost two and a half and Juliet is almost three months. I almost lost my mind 17 times today.


  1. Connie10:43 PM

    Well, when you finally do lose your mind, you'll have a lot of company, namely, other mothers! And by the way, you never get it back!

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    She is beautiful!


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