Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few thoughts {9 months pregnant}

Writing a well thought out post this weekend is beyond what I am capable of. Seems odd to say, but we've had a very trying week. On Friday I posted my Facebook status as "This day just keeps going from bad to worse, almost comically so. Let's hope it turns around.."

Then yesterday hit. Yesterday was horrible. My little sick kiddo was still feeling under the weather (he's now on meds for a sinus infection), but he was also being horribly horribly naughty. Timeout after timeout after timeout. Oh poor little fella.

And me? I wanted to give myself a hug. I was a mess. I'm sick with James's nasty cold, crying over nothing, and just about at the end of my rope. Being nine months pregnant, with a sick and angry toddler, I was having a hard time seeing the joy. And that is not me.

But after a good nights rest (first night in what feels like weeks!), I awoke to a happy little boy and a fresh perspective. E and James made pancake-cakes for breakfast, James and I took a hot bath (a daily ritual), and we enjoyed unpacking things for Baby Girl's room.

The sun shone, and although James spilled an entire cup of water into his lap as soon as we sat down for breakfast, he was not feeling mean and angry like yesterday. No, today he's happy and wonderful and back to his old self.
Baby Girl's room has been so much work. But the crib is set up (only took an hour!), the dresser is done (took close to two weeks!), and although there is still a lot of tidying to do, I am in love with the results. Remember James's whimsical tree above his crib? I added a few cherry blossoms to help make it feel a little more girly. I adore the result.
The mobile my mom and I made (took us 6 months!) has been hanging in the same spot since James's birth. I LOVE it. Each thread holds a month of the year, resulting in 12 strings. My February baby girl is going to love her month, red and pink and white and full of everything associated with love. (Remember all of the seasonal fairies that my mom and I spent months on? Here are here are two links. And here is more of what February holds.)
Little bookends for a little girl.
I've collected Angelina Ballerina books since I was a girl. When Pleasant Company came out with Angelina toys I added them to my collection. I was in my early 20s, and remember thinking that I'd like to display these mice in my baby girl's room one day. Ten years later and the day has arrived.
More photos of the completed nursery to come. It is so so cute. Not much change from when James was sleeping in there, but adorable nonetheless.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pregnancy quiz: 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks. Or 39 depending on which due date you are looking at.

Sleep: Horrible. One night was comically bad. James started the week with a horrible cold and on Tuesday night was up once an hour crying (reminds me of what newborns are like...). The same night I fell asleep crying due to frustration with the Ikea dresser (hello pregnancy hormones!), and it went on and on. Such a bad night. Other nights have sucked as well. Now that I have James's cold, one night I was up with a horrible sore throat, and last night I was up nearly all night because I couldn't breathe through my nose, and mouth breathing keeps me awake. Ugg... Plus, there is a lot on my mind these days. I'm not feeling very well rested to say the least.

Weight Gain/Loss: Up one pound since last week. Go me!

Belly button in or out: Out. :)

Movement: This little girl of mine keeps me company all night long. She is a night owl to the extreme. I'm a little worried.

Size of Baby: 19.5" and 6.5 lbs or so.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Everything. I've felt weepy this week (which is not me at all), I've felt exhausted. Everything hurts. I'm too far along in this pregnancy to carry James for more than just a few steps (and forget getting him in and out of his carseat...). Pelvic pressure is back with a vengeance, as is sciatic nerve pain. Plus, I have a full blown cold. I'm a real treat this week. ;)

Labor Signs: Nada. A couple of braxton hicks contractions, but nothing other than that.

Food Cravings: I have less of an appetite these days due to being sick and also hardly any room in my tummy for anything other than baby. James has hardly eaten this week either. Breaks my heart. Poor little dude.

What I miss: Ibuprofin. Like a lot. I forget how nice it is to pop a few when my throat is on fire or when my entire back is aching. Excited to have the chance again soon. Tylenol is just not cutting it.

What else I miss? Sleep. I don't think I've slept longer than three hours in a row for weeks. I'm up a lot at night. I guess this is my body's way of getting me ready for Baby Girl.

What I am looking forward to: Finishing the nursery (there is still a lot to do!), and meeting my daughter. Oh my oh my I'm excited for that!

Weekly Wisdom: Things could be worse. Keep that in mind. James and I are sick and yucky, but its only a cold and sinus infection. Thank goodness for that, by next week we'll be feeling 100%.

Best moment this week: My baby shower last Saturday and a full spa day on Sunday. Oh my word... best weekend ever!

Milestones: 38 weeks. My "official" due date is less than a week away! (Next Thursday, gulp!)

Above: my poor sick kiddo. I have such sympathy for him. Some days are better than others, and we've left the house, but today he is back to feeling yucky.

And below, my tummy. It's been a long time since I've been able to look down and see my toes. The flash cards? Doesn't matter how many times I clean them up, the throws them all over the floor again minutes later.
Huge tummy. Messy living room. Such is life. And here is what I looked like when I was 38 weeks with James. I think I'm about the same size.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

James's Milestones {26 months}

Since I no longer do Wolfy posts each month, I haven't updated about all the fun new milestones and developments in James's sweet little personality for quite some time. This is not ok. Things that James does and says now are so fleeting, and before I know it, he changes it up, and what he used to do is soon forgotten.

So, I've been trying to make a list of things on my phone and add them here from time to time. Here is the list:
  • Says "ok-k" when he means yes. Actually he did this a ton about a month ago, but now no longer does it. Glad I made a note, it was so sweet!
  • Says "love you!" and "bye bye" in the funniest little voice. Super high pitched and wonderful. He's been doing this for about a month and I need to get a video, its so darn charming.
  • Calls himself Dames. Will knock on the door while E is in the bathroom. When E says "who is it?" James says "Dames!"
  • Has been more and more independent. Will often say "no help, Dames do it!"
  • Loves his big boy room (photos and blog post are not forgotten), and loves the travel theme. The little suitcases he calls briefcases. He says "briefcase! Work! Go!" Just over the last few days we've asked him where he works and he says "pool!". Haha!
  • We kept James's car seat rear facing until 25 months (most parents switch to front facing at 1 year). Because he couldn't see out the front window, anytime I'd slow the car down or stop, he'd say "go please!"
  • Now that he's front facing we've taught him what the lights mean. He'll warn you a half mile in advance that there is a red light and yell "stop!".
  • When I get mad at other drivers (I'm not an angry driver but I do give commentary on other driver's lack of skill) James says "silly Mama!"
  • E and James still LOVE to cook on Saturday and Sunday morning. Now James will ask E each and every morning "cook? weekend?". Seriously, so cute.
  • Because E does a lot of the cooking (hello awesome husband award), that when I cook, James gets a little flustered. He told me the other day "Dada's spatchula, Mama's turn." Phew, glad I got a turn. ;)
  • Can count to ten (he could do this right around the time he turned 2) and knows almost all his letters (C, U, Z and Q still give him trouble). He knows his shapes and colors too.
  • Will repeat almost anything very clearly. However still calls cucumbers "cumber-cumber", avocados "avocado-cado" and pancakes "pancake-cakes". So sweet.
  • E told me that one day while he was driving with James at Christmas time, E was signing along with the Christmas music. James said "no song!". After awhile E forgot and sang again. James repeated his request.
  • Seeks privacy when he needs to go potty. Finds a little spot and says "poo poo fort!"
  • He has the funniest laugh ever. E and I call it the smoker laugh. It is really deep and so hilarious. This paired with the high pitched "love you! bye bye" is so random and awesome.
  • Mabel (our kitty, whom James calls Bul) mewed the other day. James said "oh no! Bul hungry!"
  • Dada asks him if he's a kiddo or a squirmy wormy. He says kiddo, unless he wants to be tickled and then he says "wormy wormy wormy!" and runs away.
  • His favorite books are Good Night Good Night Construction Site, Mouse Mess, Barnyard Dance and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. However, over the last month he just likes to do "crazy dance" before bed instead of read.
  • Sometimes when James is being a little naughty I'll say "hey you!". Now when he knows he's being naughty or breaking a small rule he'll say "hey you!"
  • Everything in life that James finds interesting he wants to share. This is good and bad because he'll say "Mommy, see, look!" to show me what he's seeing. But it doesn't stop there. He'll often ask me to "see look" 10-50 times depending on how interesting he finds it.
And here are a few phone photos. I take most of my day to day life photos on my phone so I can text them to E. When I take a photo I especially like, I'll add it to Instagram. If you want to follow me on Instagram my user name is HappierStill.

The boy and I on my bed after nap time watching cartoons.Damma Connie got us these wonderful vintage inspired flash cards. James is in love and plays with them every day. I just adore the little illustrations on the back of each card.
James got his first big boy haircut last Friday. His long locks were seriously out of control. He loved his haircut, ate a sucker, watched Yo Gabba Gabba and is looking so handsome post trim (see first photo! Nice and short!).
And, although not related to James, E and I have been working each night on Baby Girl's dresser. We decided on this one from Ikea, and it took forever to put together! Now that it's finally complete, all Baby Girl's clothes are folded and ready. I can't get over how cute and tiny they are!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower

When my sweet childhood friend offered to host a baby shower for me, I was unsure. I had a baby shower for James only two years ago, but she persisted. "You'll need baby girl things, and I want to host, and we could have the theme be Little Red Riding Hood."

The thought of letting Jessica host a shower for me was not only a major treat (her home is beautiful and she has a serious talent for throwing amazing parties), it was something that was so beyond generous. Sisters and best friends host showers. Jessica is my new best friend, not only because we get along amazingly, but because seriously, we've been friends since we were third graders. It was meant to be.
First order of business for any Little Red Riding Hood party? Wolfy dressed as Grandma, of course. So so funny and cute. Jessica is so creative.
Also, this woodland themed centerpiece for the brunch table? AMAZING! Oh my word! It is so darling, so sweet. I'm in love.
Favors for all the guests with homemade tags out of fabric and felt. No detail was forgotten.
Old storybook Little Red Riding Hood banner. The banner was about 20 flags long and "told" the entire story of Little Red Riding Hood.
The guest list was kept small, mostly family and a few new Mama friends I've made in the last two years.
Although my Grandma has a really hard time moving around much, she was able to attend my shower, mostly thanks to my amazing Aunt Laura. So happy she was there.
Jessica's kitchen is so open and beautiful, perfect for hosting parties.
In addition to the beautiful decorations, hosting, and games Jessica put on a full brunch for the guests. No easy feat when you work full time AND have a toddler. I'm telling you, this woman is amazing.
Everyone serving up their meal. Everything was so delicious. I felt so spoiled.
Jessica's living room is where we spent most of the time. Notice the Red Riding Hood banner on the window?
We talked, ate, played games, enjoyed the fact that there were no toddlers allowed at the party. I loved this detail, it was so fun to just enjoy being an adult without keeping a constant eye on the kiddo.
I think everyone had such a good time. I know I did.
The present pile was huge. Oh my word. So much pink. Baby girls are so fun!
I got an amazing array of gifts, some of my favorites being the homemade items. This baby blanket? Beyond adorable.
Jessica also sewed a Little Red Riding Hood doll for Baby Girl (as if she hadn't done enough!). I love her so much, my gosh, so sweet.
Some of my Mama friends. Julia, me, Sedra and Ashley.
What an amazing day. I seriously had such a fun time visiting, eating and opening darling presents for Baby Girl. I'm one spoiled lady, and damn I'm thankful.

Friday, January 20, 2012

"More Egg!"

The other day James and Damma Connie were playing downstairs in our playroom. Connie invented the funniest game ever, seriously, James asked for "more egg" for a solid 30 minutes and laughed hysterically each time Damma dropped the wooden toy egg and said "splat!"

Finally I decided I better get a video. These big giggles are just to good to pass up. Each time he pauses, he asks "more egg!" meaning he wants Connie to throw the egg again, drop it, and say "splat!".

Pregnancy quiz: 37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks! Full term! (Also?! What's crazy? I'm still considered 38 weeks by my doc! I moved my due date back in my own mind because of what ultrasound shows, but HOLY MOLY!)

Sleep: Only ok. I'm exhausted by bedtime but have a lot on my mind. I think of something in the middle of the night and obsess over it until morning. Also, falling asleep is really hard. Staying asleep is even harder.

Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained so slowly. I think my grand total is up around 21 lbs without much gain in the last few weeks. I was nearing 26 lbs at this point with James and most woman are closer to 30+.

Belly button in or out: Out. :)

Movement: Yes. Now when I'm up in the middle of the night I realize I have someone that is also up. Baby Girl loves the 3:00 am hour! Oh dear....

Size of Baby: 19.5" and 6 lbs or so. Oh wow! She's ready at any time!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy insomnia which includes a lot of getting up to pee, getting up to get a drink, waking up because my ears are killing me (huh?) and other fun things. I've been feeling surprisingly comfortable (comparatively) during the day, just exhausted. I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, which are not fun at all, but I had many more when I was pregnant with James, so I'm happy they are so few and far between.

Labor Signs: Last three weeks I've been 1 cm dilated and no change in my cirvix. Baby is head down (as she's been my entire pregnancy) and ready for the world.

Food Cravings: Fruit and vinegar. Salads with tons of vinegar dressing and salt and vinegar chips are my fave.

What I miss: Being able to do anything at all productive at any point in the day. James is asleep for a nice long nap mid day and goes to bed early and I'm in bed most of those hours too. I want to craft, I have things that need to be done, and they just aren't happening.

What I am looking forward to: Um? What any mom is excited for at 37 weeks?! Meeting my new baby! Looking so so so forward to that. Telling her I love her, that I adore her, that she will be perfect for our family. Telling her that I've wanted to be a mother of a daughter for my entire life, and she completes our family. I am so excited for that.

Also?! BEST WEEKEND EVER! Not even joking. Tomorrow I have a baby shower that I could not be more excited about, and Sunday E and I are taking our Spa day and dinner date that I asked for for Christmas. Spa day includes the entire day with E and no kiddo, a Japanese bath and a 90 minute prenatal massage. Yea, can't wait.

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every single minute. Very very soon I'll be the mama of two kiddos. These last weeks with James have been wonderful. I am soaking it all up.

Best moment this week: Daily time with my little side kick. I can't get enough of what a sweet amazing kid I've got.

Milestones: 37 weeks! I'm full term!

Something I feel like I'm slacking on is taking more day to day photos. I always grab my camera on the weekends and do a big weekend blog post, but what I want to remember is the small stuff. The little things that make my life so great. I usually have a (decent) excuse, like "the light is not good". Well the other morning when James was having his daily dance party on my bed and the light was horrible, I figured I'd snap a few photos anyway. I got what I wanted, a happy boy, a little view into my happiness, and something I would likely forget. With Apple TV we can listen to iTunes on the TV. He loves it and dances happily for a few songs but he has such particular music taste. Most the time he's telling me "new song!" and "bye bye song" meaning he's ready to dance to something else. So goofy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black and White Wednesday

The bathroom window at the farmhouse. Letting in the sunshine.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter farmhouse

About a month ago E and I sat down and made a list of things that "needed" to be done before we have a toddler and a newborn. Out to dinner a couple of times, a day at the spa (which was my Christmas present), and, if possible, a day at the farmhouse.

We haven't been to the farmhouse since last July (what?!) and even though traveling with James sometimes feels like more work than relaxation, we wanted to give it whirl anyway. James did great in the car, thankfully, and even took a little nap at the farmhouse, which I was thrilled about.

When we got there we quickly discovered the furnace wasn't working. E knew what part had broken, and called his Dad to hunt it down in Salt Lake. Luckily, it looked like this outside:
Seriously, where did January go? The weather was so mild, temps in the 50s and warm and wonderful in the sun. We explored the yard, James happily stomped in the little snow that had yet to melt in the shade, and we all smiled so much.
James found a big branch and the sunshine just continued to get more brilliant.
Grandma Connie found a basket of E's trucks from 30 years ago and brought them out for James to play with. He loved digging in the soil with his little spoon.
After James's little nap we decided to take a walk. Chelsea and Joe joined us, which is wonderful because James is in love with his aunts and uncles. Joe is amazing with James, happy to pick him up and taking the time to show him the "big bubbles" in the river. (Notice Joe is in a t-shirt. Usually the farmhouse looks like this in January!)
Leading the way, as always.
Each time we walk down Gordan's Lane I try to get a photo of James and I in front of the barn doors. I love this tradition. Isn't my boy so adorable?
He has recently started kissing. Gah, love this kiddo.
There was a "big truck" on our walk with a "huge wheel". James was obsessed.
Checking out the ditch on his tummy. The sunshine still amazing, the birds singing.
We stayed outside late into the afternoon. As the sun started to sink behind the trees to the west, we head back inside. However, it was cold. The temperature difference between the sunny lawn and the kitchen was at least 20 degrees.

James got his horsey from his pile of belongings and climbed on E's lap to watch Chuggington. Sitting near the coal burning stove, trying to keep warm, watching a cartoon on the iPad, such a wonderful juxtaposition.
Everyone bundled up, stove door open, sun streaming in.
Old Betsy (the coal burning stove) and Connie both did a fantastic job cooking us a hot and delicious roast beef dinner. Rolls, potatoes, cucumbers in vinegar and veggies were all served. Finally, as the evening wore on, Steve and David showed up with the furnace part, the furnace was easily repaired, and E and I packed our tired toddler and headed home.
What a happy Saturday.

More farmhouse reading? Click the farmhouse tag at the top of this post, right under the title.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Then and Now {farmhouse}

In July 2009 E and I visited the farmhouse. I was 24 weeks pregnant, and he snapped this photo of me near one of my favorite spots in Mt. Pleasant.
And then we went back when I was 36 weeks pregnant with James and took another photo in the same spot.
A year later, in July 2010 we recreated the shot again. I was no longer pregnant and I had a 7.5 month old!
Just today (we HAD to go to the farmhouse before having a second kiddo in tow!) E took another shot of me in the same spot. James is two and big and independent and amazing and I'm 36 weeks pregnant (notice I was about the same size with James's pregnancy at 36 weeks). Wow. How time flies. I love this series.
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