Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few thoughts {9 months pregnant}

Writing a well thought out post this weekend is beyond what I am capable of. Seems odd to say, but we've had a very trying week. On Friday I posted my Facebook status as "This day just keeps going from bad to worse, almost comically so. Let's hope it turns around.."

Then yesterday hit. Yesterday was horrible. My little sick kiddo was still feeling under the weather (he's now on meds for a sinus infection), but he was also being horribly horribly naughty. Timeout after timeout after timeout. Oh poor little fella.

And me? I wanted to give myself a hug. I was a mess. I'm sick with James's nasty cold, crying over nothing, and just about at the end of my rope. Being nine months pregnant, with a sick and angry toddler, I was having a hard time seeing the joy. And that is not me.

But after a good nights rest (first night in what feels like weeks!), I awoke to a happy little boy and a fresh perspective. E and James made pancake-cakes for breakfast, James and I took a hot bath (a daily ritual), and we enjoyed unpacking things for Baby Girl's room.

The sun shone, and although James spilled an entire cup of water into his lap as soon as we sat down for breakfast, he was not feeling mean and angry like yesterday. No, today he's happy and wonderful and back to his old self.
Baby Girl's room has been so much work. But the crib is set up (only took an hour!), the dresser is done (took close to two weeks!), and although there is still a lot of tidying to do, I am in love with the results. Remember James's whimsical tree above his crib? I added a few cherry blossoms to help make it feel a little more girly. I adore the result.
The mobile my mom and I made (took us 6 months!) has been hanging in the same spot since James's birth. I LOVE it. Each thread holds a month of the year, resulting in 12 strings. My February baby girl is going to love her month, red and pink and white and full of everything associated with love. (Remember all of the seasonal fairies that my mom and I spent months on? Here are here are two links. And here is more of what February holds.)
Little bookends for a little girl.
I've collected Angelina Ballerina books since I was a girl. When Pleasant Company came out with Angelina toys I added them to my collection. I was in my early 20s, and remember thinking that I'd like to display these mice in my baby girl's room one day. Ten years later and the day has arrived.
More photos of the completed nursery to come. It is so so cute. Not much change from when James was sleeping in there, but adorable nonetheless.


  1. That's such a beautiful mobile, especially for a nursery! The February fairy is so sweet, and perfect for a little girl. She will love it. :)

  2. what a lucky little girl she is to come to be with such an awesome family... and such a beautiful nursery!


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