Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter farmhouse

About a month ago E and I sat down and made a list of things that "needed" to be done before we have a toddler and a newborn. Out to dinner a couple of times, a day at the spa (which was my Christmas present), and, if possible, a day at the farmhouse.

We haven't been to the farmhouse since last July (what?!) and even though traveling with James sometimes feels like more work than relaxation, we wanted to give it whirl anyway. James did great in the car, thankfully, and even took a little nap at the farmhouse, which I was thrilled about.

When we got there we quickly discovered the furnace wasn't working. E knew what part had broken, and called his Dad to hunt it down in Salt Lake. Luckily, it looked like this outside:
Seriously, where did January go? The weather was so mild, temps in the 50s and warm and wonderful in the sun. We explored the yard, James happily stomped in the little snow that had yet to melt in the shade, and we all smiled so much.
James found a big branch and the sunshine just continued to get more brilliant.
Grandma Connie found a basket of E's trucks from 30 years ago and brought them out for James to play with. He loved digging in the soil with his little spoon.
After James's little nap we decided to take a walk. Chelsea and Joe joined us, which is wonderful because James is in love with his aunts and uncles. Joe is amazing with James, happy to pick him up and taking the time to show him the "big bubbles" in the river. (Notice Joe is in a t-shirt. Usually the farmhouse looks like this in January!)
Leading the way, as always.
Each time we walk down Gordan's Lane I try to get a photo of James and I in front of the barn doors. I love this tradition. Isn't my boy so adorable?
He has recently started kissing. Gah, love this kiddo.
There was a "big truck" on our walk with a "huge wheel". James was obsessed.
Checking out the ditch on his tummy. The sunshine still amazing, the birds singing.
We stayed outside late into the afternoon. As the sun started to sink behind the trees to the west, we head back inside. However, it was cold. The temperature difference between the sunny lawn and the kitchen was at least 20 degrees.

James got his horsey from his pile of belongings and climbed on E's lap to watch Chuggington. Sitting near the coal burning stove, trying to keep warm, watching a cartoon on the iPad, such a wonderful juxtaposition.
Everyone bundled up, stove door open, sun streaming in.
Old Betsy (the coal burning stove) and Connie both did a fantastic job cooking us a hot and delicious roast beef dinner. Rolls, potatoes, cucumbers in vinegar and veggies were all served. Finally, as the evening wore on, Steve and David showed up with the furnace part, the furnace was easily repaired, and E and I packed our tired toddler and headed home.
What a happy Saturday.

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  1. Connie5:07 PM

    Yes, except the part didn't work, and I can't get back for two weeks with a repair person (plus I'm low on cash.)Hope the pipes don't freeze or we'll be swimming the next time we get to the Farmhouse!
    But your pics are amazing as is the star of the family, fantastic James!


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