Wednesday, January 25, 2012

James's Milestones {26 months}

Since I no longer do Wolfy posts each month, I haven't updated about all the fun new milestones and developments in James's sweet little personality for quite some time. This is not ok. Things that James does and says now are so fleeting, and before I know it, he changes it up, and what he used to do is soon forgotten.

So, I've been trying to make a list of things on my phone and add them here from time to time. Here is the list:
  • Says "ok-k" when he means yes. Actually he did this a ton about a month ago, but now no longer does it. Glad I made a note, it was so sweet!
  • Says "love you!" and "bye bye" in the funniest little voice. Super high pitched and wonderful. He's been doing this for about a month and I need to get a video, its so darn charming.
  • Calls himself Dames. Will knock on the door while E is in the bathroom. When E says "who is it?" James says "Dames!"
  • Has been more and more independent. Will often say "no help, Dames do it!"
  • Loves his big boy room (photos and blog post are not forgotten), and loves the travel theme. The little suitcases he calls briefcases. He says "briefcase! Work! Go!" Just over the last few days we've asked him where he works and he says "pool!". Haha!
  • We kept James's car seat rear facing until 25 months (most parents switch to front facing at 1 year). Because he couldn't see out the front window, anytime I'd slow the car down or stop, he'd say "go please!"
  • Now that he's front facing we've taught him what the lights mean. He'll warn you a half mile in advance that there is a red light and yell "stop!".
  • When I get mad at other drivers (I'm not an angry driver but I do give commentary on other driver's lack of skill) James says "silly Mama!"
  • E and James still LOVE to cook on Saturday and Sunday morning. Now James will ask E each and every morning "cook? weekend?". Seriously, so cute.
  • Because E does a lot of the cooking (hello awesome husband award), that when I cook, James gets a little flustered. He told me the other day "Dada's spatchula, Mama's turn." Phew, glad I got a turn. ;)
  • Can count to ten (he could do this right around the time he turned 2) and knows almost all his letters (C, U, Z and Q still give him trouble). He knows his shapes and colors too.
  • Will repeat almost anything very clearly. However still calls cucumbers "cumber-cumber", avocados "avocado-cado" and pancakes "pancake-cakes". So sweet.
  • E told me that one day while he was driving with James at Christmas time, E was signing along with the Christmas music. James said "no song!". After awhile E forgot and sang again. James repeated his request.
  • Seeks privacy when he needs to go potty. Finds a little spot and says "poo poo fort!"
  • He has the funniest laugh ever. E and I call it the smoker laugh. It is really deep and so hilarious. This paired with the high pitched "love you! bye bye" is so random and awesome.
  • Mabel (our kitty, whom James calls Bul) mewed the other day. James said "oh no! Bul hungry!"
  • Dada asks him if he's a kiddo or a squirmy wormy. He says kiddo, unless he wants to be tickled and then he says "wormy wormy wormy!" and runs away.
  • His favorite books are Good Night Good Night Construction Site, Mouse Mess, Barnyard Dance and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. However, over the last month he just likes to do "crazy dance" before bed instead of read.
  • Sometimes when James is being a little naughty I'll say "hey you!". Now when he knows he's being naughty or breaking a small rule he'll say "hey you!"
  • Everything in life that James finds interesting he wants to share. This is good and bad because he'll say "Mommy, see, look!" to show me what he's seeing. But it doesn't stop there. He'll often ask me to "see look" 10-50 times depending on how interesting he finds it.
And here are a few phone photos. I take most of my day to day life photos on my phone so I can text them to E. When I take a photo I especially like, I'll add it to Instagram. If you want to follow me on Instagram my user name is HappierStill.

The boy and I on my bed after nap time watching cartoons.Damma Connie got us these wonderful vintage inspired flash cards. James is in love and plays with them every day. I just adore the little illustrations on the back of each card.
James got his first big boy haircut last Friday. His long locks were seriously out of control. He loved his haircut, ate a sucker, watched Yo Gabba Gabba and is looking so handsome post trim (see first photo! Nice and short!).
And, although not related to James, E and I have been working each night on Baby Girl's dresser. We decided on this one from Ikea, and it took forever to put together! Now that it's finally complete, all Baby Girl's clothes are folded and ready. I can't get over how cute and tiny they are!

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  1. Connie10:54 PM

    I still laugh over the night you guys were at my house, and James pulled over the doll buggy and sent all the dolls and things flying. Then he says, "Time out" and puts himself in my room for time out. Hilarious!!!


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