Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower

When my sweet childhood friend offered to host a baby shower for me, I was unsure. I had a baby shower for James only two years ago, but she persisted. "You'll need baby girl things, and I want to host, and we could have the theme be Little Red Riding Hood."

The thought of letting Jessica host a shower for me was not only a major treat (her home is beautiful and she has a serious talent for throwing amazing parties), it was something that was so beyond generous. Sisters and best friends host showers. Jessica is my new best friend, not only because we get along amazingly, but because seriously, we've been friends since we were third graders. It was meant to be.
First order of business for any Little Red Riding Hood party? Wolfy dressed as Grandma, of course. So so funny and cute. Jessica is so creative.
Also, this woodland themed centerpiece for the brunch table? AMAZING! Oh my word! It is so darling, so sweet. I'm in love.
Favors for all the guests with homemade tags out of fabric and felt. No detail was forgotten.
Old storybook Little Red Riding Hood banner. The banner was about 20 flags long and "told" the entire story of Little Red Riding Hood.
The guest list was kept small, mostly family and a few new Mama friends I've made in the last two years.
Although my Grandma has a really hard time moving around much, she was able to attend my shower, mostly thanks to my amazing Aunt Laura. So happy she was there.
Jessica's kitchen is so open and beautiful, perfect for hosting parties.
In addition to the beautiful decorations, hosting, and games Jessica put on a full brunch for the guests. No easy feat when you work full time AND have a toddler. I'm telling you, this woman is amazing.
Everyone serving up their meal. Everything was so delicious. I felt so spoiled.
Jessica's living room is where we spent most of the time. Notice the Red Riding Hood banner on the window?
We talked, ate, played games, enjoyed the fact that there were no toddlers allowed at the party. I loved this detail, it was so fun to just enjoy being an adult without keeping a constant eye on the kiddo.
I think everyone had such a good time. I know I did.
The present pile was huge. Oh my word. So much pink. Baby girls are so fun!
I got an amazing array of gifts, some of my favorites being the homemade items. This baby blanket? Beyond adorable.
Jessica also sewed a Little Red Riding Hood doll for Baby Girl (as if she hadn't done enough!). I love her so much, my gosh, so sweet.
Some of my Mama friends. Julia, me, Sedra and Ashley.
What an amazing day. I seriously had such a fun time visiting, eating and opening darling presents for Baby Girl. I'm one spoiled lady, and damn I'm thankful.


  1. So bummed I couldn't make it! Looks like such a good time!

  2. Jess red7:38 PM

    You're my new best friend!! Seriously loved this day. It couldn't have been more perfect and I'm so glad you loved because I loved it! I'm judging the crooked red riding hood dolls face. She looks like she's got dropsy! Hilarious. Can't wait to meet baby girl! Gag! Only a few more week?? Maybe sooner. Yeesh. It was so nice to just have adult time and thanks to everyone who brought food. Your pictures are amazing!

  3. It was supposed to say gah!! Not gag! Dumb iPad typing...

  4. Looks like it was an awesome party! I wish I could have been there! :)

  5. Cute cute cute! I am a new reader and just had to comment. My sister is due with a boy on March 11 and I LOVE the alphabet book you did at James' shower. What a sweet idea! Unfortunately my sister's shower is at a restaurant and there just isn't an easy way to set up the book or onesie decorating. Next time I guess!

    Also have you seen this book for James? Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is adorable! I got it for the almost 2 year old that I nanny for and he wants to read it before every nap.

  6. Kate,
    Welcome. Glad to have you. Funny you should mention Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. James got it for his birthday and he adores it! Isn't it so sweet? I don't mind reading it over and over because of the beautiful colored pencil illustrations. He loves the "digger" page the best, of course.

    Did you see the blog post with the finished alphabet book? Here's a link:



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