Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday game day

Today has been a game day of sorts. My mom came over during James's nap and as soon as she walked in James woke up. Must of wanted to play with Grandma. Seems he loves her due to the amount of huge smiles he gives her. We chatted, drank coffee, and played Quarkle, which is totally my new favorite game.

Later in the evening Mike, Justin and Becky came over for a fantastic dinner of seafood jambalaya. Mike is honestly such a good cook and totally treated to us of his stew of crab, oysters, shrimp, and wild rice. Becky and Justin brought a fantastic raspberry cheesecake and we all dined on fantastic food while the babe slept (I'm so lucky!).

Afterward David joined us and we broke out the poker cards. As I sit here typing the guys are making stupid dirty jokes and E and Justin are playing with their cell phones (don't ask me why they have to text each other when they are sitting across the table from each other).

Also, Ben, I hope you have a very very happy birthday. We are missing you tonight!

James seemed to enjoy my Mom's company while we played Quarkle.
He happily sucked on his fist while on my mom's shoulder.
He wasn't quite as happy with me.
Then the guys came over. Justin and E are way too into their phones.
They like their phones more than their women...
YUMMY dinner.

This is what the table looks like right now. Poker in full swing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to James: three months

Dear James,

The day I married your Daddy I thought I could love nothing more. He was caring, loving, handsome, wonderful. Everything I had ever hoped for, and so so much more.

Then the day you were born my heart grew even bigger. Never had I felt this amount of love in one single moment. It was almost as if my heart was breaking from the pure joy of it all. I never thought I could love someone more than I loved you right then.

But I can.

Every day my heart grows bigger with my love for you. Every day I'm dumbfounded and shocked at how much my heart can hold. You are wonderful. You are everything I hoped you would be, and so much more.

I can't describe what you mean to me. You and your father are my world. My everything. I can't imagine being happier, more in love, and then you do it, you make me fall in love even deeper.

Your coos, your smiles, the way you kick your legs, your splashing, your sweet tummy, your full head of hair, and even your cries make me fall deeper in love.

I love the way you snuggle up to me when you eat. I love the way you sigh in my hair when I burp you. I love the way your eyes follow me around the room, never leaving me. I love that even the sight of me can make you smile from ear to ear.

How could one little boy have such power? Because you are my son, and that is the power sons have over their Mamas. They make them love them absolutely and without question. They make their hearts grown bigger and hold more with each passing day.

James, you are perfect. I love you. And I always will.


Above are some of the funny faces I captured when James was waking up from his nap. He's such a goof.

Bigger Bigger. Three months with Wolfy

My baby boy is getting so big! He's outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes, and every day I can't believe how heavy he is getting when I pick him up. He is grinning like crazy these days, and we are looking forward to his first laughs.

Can you get over how big my baby man is?
He loves his fingers. I think we might have a finger sucker on our hands.
Remember this photo from two months ago? Well James still seems to like the classic "stare above the Wolfy's head" strategy. Now he's just a lot bigger.

And, here is a video I took today of the babe.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day in the life

Today I wanted to blog. I wasn't sure what there was to blog about (we had a relaxing weekend, without many photos) so I decided to try to capture just the little things. The things that are easily missed, but I don't want to forget.

Here we go:

10:00 am - It is time for James to wake up. After I softly told him it was morning he opened his sweet eyes and gave me this look when he saw the camera. E says it is his concerned face. I agree.

11:30 am - After eating breakfast we change into a cute outfit and play. Today (like every day) I can't get over how kissable his little neck is.
I think he is so handsome.
And his eyes are stunning.

1:00 pm - After lunch I tried to put him back in his swing to nap. Does he look tired? Nope! But he's quite happy to look at his lambs on his swing. Realizing this wasn't going to work, he did finally fall asleep in my bedroom.

5:30 pm - After a busy afternoon that included a nap, running some errands, and visiting my Grandma (the highlight of her day!) we came home and ran a baby bath. James was going CRAZY tonight! We finally got out the tripod so I could do some longer exposure shots, to show his cute blurred legs and arms. He's a crazy man, and I, along with the entire kitchen, was soaked. (Notice he's also doing his other favorite bath trick: blowing spit bubbles)

6:45 pm - After the bath we change into clean PJs and it is time to snuggle with Daddy. E loves this tradition and looks forward to it every day. James seems to love it to, due to the fact that he always falls asleep in his arms. (Don't ask me why every time I take a photo of him in his PJs he's in this outfit, he has dozens of cute PJs but this is the only one that seems to ever get photographed).

Friday, February 19, 2010

His eyes are so blue

And judging by the depth and intensity of them, they are probably going to stay blue.

And my Grandma is doing better each time I see her. Baby steps seem like huge accomplishments, but she's done quite well this week. Finally today she ate an entire meal, which is huge news because lack of appetite and swallowing were two of her biggest hurdles. She also told me today that James is the cutest baby ever, even cuter than I was as a baby. I tend to agree.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day at the aquarium

Yesterday, being a paid holiday for E, we decided to do a little family outing. At first we were thinking the zoo would be great fun with James, due to the fact we've had such mild weather. However, President's Day was stormy so we decided on the aquarium.

Utah has a small aquarium with limited exhibits, but it was perfect for a day with the babe. We met E's mom, sister and future bro-in-law there. James was adorable, he was so interested in looking at the fish, and would just stare in awe as long as we were in front of a display.

After about an hour I think he got over stimulated and over tired and had a full on baby meltdown. Some booby milk and a quiet corner seemed to do the trick (after lots and lots of crying, poor guy). He then decided to fall asleep in his stroller and let E, Connie, Chelsea, Joe and I enjoy the rest of the exhibits.

I think before we go to the zoo, a nice long nap is in order!

Grandma Connie and James enjoy the saltwater fish. I kept telling James that one day he'll be big enough to snorkel, and we'll plan a trip to Hawaii. He seemed pleased.
Isn't this adorable? James with his Aunt Chelsea and (soon-to-be) Uncle Joe.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

What a wonderful day it has been. James slept the best he's ever slept last night (Happy Valentine's Day Mama!) and only woke up once at 6:30 am. That means he slept for over ten hours! After his feeding at 6:30 I put him back down (lucky, I know) and the entire family slept in till past nine, and James slept until past ten. Heavenly.

After waking up late we made a fantastic breakfast of pink heart-shaped pancakes, hash browns, eggs and coffee. Then we relaxed at home for awhile and James gave us another wonderful gift: his first giggle! It wasn't super long, but as I kissed James's neck and tickled him, he did it! It was so awesome.

And I got a smile on camera. Melts my heart.
Later we were trying to get him to giggle again for the camera, but he was acting a little fussy. I uploaded the video anyway, because he's so darn cute, even when mad. And he smiles a bit in the video. (Yes, I sound like a psycho in this video, but I was quite excited).

Afterward we headed up to Park City, a tradition we've been doing on Valentine's since the very beginning. Eleven years ago on Valentine's Day, E and I headed up to Park City with a couple of friends. We ate lunch, shopped historic Main Street and overall had a great day. We've done the same ever since.

James was great, looking around and never making a peep. I think he loves being out and about with us.

Main Street Pizza & Noodle is where E and I had lunch in Park City all those years ago. Good memories.
Once home we gave him a baby bath, and he was grinning up a storm. Every time I got the camera out he'd look very concerned, but finally I caught one! He's getting cuter by the day. Then we dressed him for bed and James and E snuggled. I had to get a photo, because not every lady is lucky enough to have two Valentine's men.

Caught another smile when he was in the tub! And I just love this guy's hair!
Honestly, is there anything better in this world than the love between a father and son?
And look at his little hands. He's been touching one hand to the other only within the last few days. These little changes are so neat to watch.
All zonked out.
After putting James down for bed E and I made a fantastic dinner of BBQed ribs, potatoes, green beans, cornbread and wine.

Fantastic Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine - 11 years

My valentine and I decided that instead of presents this year, we would treat ourselves to a very nice dinner. And, because we decided this a little late, reservations for the 13th and 14th were already booked up, so we scheduled our Valentine's dinner for last night, the 12th.

We had had such a fun time at Log Haven last July, we were waiting for a perfect time to return. So last night I fed James, and put him to bed at his regular early bed time. Then my mom and Chuck came over with a movie, and E and I were off! This was the first dinner out, sans baby, since his birth. And it was awesome.

Log Haven is up Millcreek Canyon, so the setting is divine. The restaurant is in an old log home, so the ambiance couldn't be better for a special dinner. E and I ordered drinks, two (yes two!) appetizers, salads, a fantastic dinner, dessert, and coffee. We totally splurged, and it was well worth it. Everything was wonderful, and the conversation was easy flowing and not entirely centered on the baby.

I can't believe I've been with this man for 11 years. We toasted to eleven more wonderful years, and lots more years after that.

Above -
1. Yummy cocktail with rose petals floated on top
2. Grilled Monterey Bay Calamari with peppers, tomato coulis, lime aioli
3. Herb Roasted Olives and Almonds with artisan cheese, Creminelli’s salami
4. My dinner of Double R Ranch Signature Filet Mignon with green peppercorn-gruyere potatoes, roasted beets, malbec demi glace, garlic chips
5. My dessert of Lime Curd Tart with grilled mangos, coconut ice cream, gingered pineapple sauce, sugared Sai-fun noodle
6. E's dessert of Local Goat Cheesecake with candied walnut crust, Madeira roasted dates, hard cider syrup

Refusal to nap

Ah James. Why oh why do you sleep so perfectly at night, but during the day refuse to admit you are tired? I know you are exhausted. But, life is just too fun, you can't let even a moment slip you by.

Yesterday, after trying all the best nap tricks I know (crib nap: no way, car nap: are you joking?, swing nap: you must be crazy!) I finally rocked you to sleep in my arms. Daddy came home and I told him to take a photo.

As soon as he heard the tiny sound of the shutter click, he opened his eyes. He must have not been sleeping at all, just fooling me.
Update: Today, while I blogged my sweet husband and little boy sat in the same spot where I was yesterday. The result? Both slept for an hour. Awe. Just wish I had snapped a photo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just hangin' with mom

Sitting on my lap. I'm lying down, he's leaning against my knees. Love those toes.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The best part of my day

I love mornings. Love them. Not only does James sleep in like a champ (most mornings until 10 am!) but he wakes up in the best mood. Most mornings I just keep an eye on him and when he opens his eyes, he's awake. No crying. I don't know how I got such a good natured little guy.

My favorite part of the day comes next: unswaddeling the babe. Each night before bed I swaddle him, wrap him up tightly and lay him down for the night. He does great, sleeping for hours. But in the morning, nothing feels better than getting out of his swaddle. Instantly he stretches his arms high above his head and grins and grins. It is adorable.

1- Swaddled babe. So sweet. Love those blue eyes.
2- Ahhh! Half undone! Boy does it feel good to stretch those baby arms! (This photo totally cracks me up, the look on his face!)
3- Yea! No more swaddle! I can move!

Yawns, grins, and lots of talking.

Ready for what's next: diaper change!
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