Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 things to be the most thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving is a year I will never ever forget. I have so so many things to be thankful for, I am truly so lucky. I will finish up with my birth story later this weekend, but for now, since it is Thanksgiving, I must list the ten things I am most thankful for:

10. Ten perfect fingers and toes.

9. Photos of funny first moments. This was James's first bath. I laugh so much at this. His little hands look like he's a dictator or something.
And someday soon I'm sure I'll not find this photo as hilarious as I do now. James is perfect, a great sleeper and not much of a crier. When he gets going though, it just make me smile, he's just so mad. Love him.
8. Lots and lots of aunties and uncles to love.

7. Great Grandmas that proclaim that James is the cutest baby in the world.
6. The most wonderful caring fantastic husband I can imagine. He was so loving the entire time I was at the hospital. He never left my side, and snuggled and kissed his little son so much.
5. Black mohawks
4. Meeting the big brother and sister.

3. Three Grandpas

2. Two Grandmas

1. And a perfect baby boy. I can not tell you how happy I am to have a healthy little son. I am so so thankful. I love him so much. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    How long was it before our Rumpus gave James a little head butt? I am sure he has sensed there is someone else in this world who should now be loving him, (Rumpus that is).
    Also ... need a photo of James and his Great Grandma, that was missing from the list!I know she is loving him as well!

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    He is so precious and cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! We were waiting for more pics of James. He is adorable! We all love him already! And nice you could be home for Thanksgiving... so much to be thankful for!

    Alexis (Gombe Gal) and family

  3. Awe... He is perfect, Jessica! His photos just make me smile.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. LOL... I already said this, but he really is gorgeous. And photographs so well! I love the little mohawk, and the picture of his first bath... I giggled .. hehe .. ENJOY HIM!! :)

  5. Penny,
    You are right! I added great grandmas to the list, they are much needed! Rumpus is actually still a little scared of James. Mabel on the other hand gave his head a little kiss first thing and comes running to his side every time he cries. So sweet!

  6. Ethan8:48 PM

    Now both the kitties love James! Rumpus is still a little nervous but he gave him a head bump and both the kitties like to hang out and get snuggly with him.

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    We all knew it was only matter of time until the Rumpus head butt!Hope you guys are getting some sleep!

  8. Jessica!! This post made me feel all teary. How sweet. He is so perfectly adorable and wonderful. I love all the pictures.

  9. Beautiful Jess, simply beautiful. thank you for the gorgeous photos. (and I love his little black mohawk!)


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