Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jackson Lake

In the middle of our trip we decided to do what we were all most looking forward to, rent a boat on Jackson Lake. Jackson Lake is the largest lake in the national park and is one of the largest high altitude lakes in the United States, at an elevation of 6,772 feet above sea level. The lake is up to 15 miles long, 7 miles wide and 438 feet deep, so yea, it's pretty big.

Some rain the night before made for the drive into Jackson Lake more spectacular than ever. Low hanging clouds blanketed the foothills of the Tetons leaving the peaks exposed. Wow.
Like E's new hat? After almost 15 years with his old one he felt it was time to upgrade and Jackson Hole had the neatest hat shops ever. This hat is even hotter than the last, if possible. 
We've learned not to be surprised by the view in Teton National Park, everywhere you look is beyond stunning. The view from the boat dock was no different. 
Because Jackson Lake is inside the national park they don't allow speed boats or jet skis of any kind. We got a motorized fishing boat, and to us it was plenty fast. And seriously so fun.
The warm wind and sunny day made for perfect boating conditions.
Both the kids have been on boats before (like last year when we went to Fire Island) but this is one of the first times we've been on a small boat where they had more freedom to roam. They were impressed!
Views views everywhere.

Within about a half an hour we made it across the lake to a little bay near the foot of the huge mountains. We stopped the boat, had lunch, watched for animals and even took a swim!
The water was cold! But both kids wanted in and I was so impressed. James felt nervous because the water was super deep but Juliet and I happily swam for a few minutes.
After the kids were safely back in the boat I floated a bit. Lifejackets are awesome for swimmers wanting to relax. ;)
After drying off we were off to explore more little bays and islands on the lake.

Whenever I catch my two holding hands I try to snap a quick pic before they notice. Success!
Juliet and I liked sitting up front the most, while James liked to sit in the back or help Daddy steer.
So many areas were breathtaking. This area had been damaged by wildfire making the animals easier to spot. E spotted a small deer near the water getting a drink.
"Captain Daddy" as the kids called him.
We took lots of breaks to look around and enjoy what we were seeing. We spotted two (maybe three?) bald eagles and two golden eagles. SO awesome!
Captain Daddy is a good multi-tasker. Plus new hat hotness.
We kept snapping photo after photo because the clouds would change and the mountain views would change. We were all alone (only spotting one other boat the entire four hours we were out there) and it just felt magic.
Panorama for good measure.
What a totally awesome and lovely day.

Teton posts are almost done, but I've got at least one more coming (maybe two)!

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  1. Amazing, amazing pictures!! Every single post. Let's all get together some day--bring the kids!


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