Thursday, August 07, 2014

E travels to Taiwan and Japan

For the last eight days I've been holding down the fort. This requires more patience than I usually have but also we try to keep it fun. I was sick over the weekend and caring for two children when you feel yucky is not easy, but thank goodness for helpful family.

While I tromped through rivers, pushed kids on swings, cleaned up yet another meal, and fought over who's turn is it to brush their teeth, E was missing us halfway around the world.

He doesn't always bring his big camera on his trips, but this time he did. And since he had half a Sunday to kill between a week prior in Taiwan and the following week in Tokyo, he figured he'd go to his favorite spot in the city: Senso-ji Temple. I'm was lucky enough to accompany him to Japan pre-kiddos so I know how special this temple is, and how wonderful and magical all of Japan is.

E is a lucky man to get to go back so often.

Here are a few of his best shots. The only thing missing was me by his side. One day though, my kids are growing up.
This little vendor area leading up to the Temple is really something special. Traditional handmade Japanese treats and trinkets are sold as well as amazing woodblock prints and collectibles.
The temple at sunset!

Tokyo and all of Japan really is old mixed with new. Traditional mixed with cutting edge. It is amazing and special and adds something that words can't describe to the travel experience.
Most high tech city in the world still has pockets of traditional buildings.
Dinner is served!
This place specializes in tempura. It is amazing. Beyond amazing. I remember watching the chef tempura fry an egg yolk when I was there five years ago. Serious skill.
Want to see my week? I didn't have the energy to do any laundry or take my big camera out of the house but I kept two wild kids happy and alive for the entire time E was gone. For a peek into what I was up to, check IG, because anything beyond that wasn't in my tired-out agenda. ;)

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  1. Wow!!! I so want to go!!! I think it will be a while though... I'm glad that you made it through! Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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