Monday, July 28, 2014

Deer Creek Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir is minutes from my sister-in-law's and brother-in-law's house. When they posted photos last summer of the beaches and the views I knew I needed to join them when they went again.
Everyone in E's family thought it sounded so fun we ended up making a day of it, barbecuing lunch up there, and even missing naps in favor of swimming. 
The water was surprisingly nice! Not too chilly. Warm enough for both kids to stay in for over an hour and whine when it was time to get out.
This mermaid mastered the little life jacket and floating. She swam out deep and just floated along as happily as can be. And that view?! The best!
Everything is better with cousins. Can you believe how fast baby Emilia is growing up?
Plus she is the sweetest thing ever.
This guy got good at swimming while we were there and was intent on staying in the deeper areas so he could wrestle Daddy.
Plus he loved dunking his head.
So refreshing!
This bunny only wanted Mama to warm her up. Challenge accepted.
Lunch was a huge feast of berries, melon, hot dogs, salads, chips, sodas, cookies, and the likes. Everyone ate and ate and we laughed the entire time. 
Lunch with a view. It was spectacular.
Deer Creek Reservoir, you were so so good. We will be back.

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  1. Your posts make me REALLY want to g to Utah... That'll have to be my "after graduation" trip in 2 years! Your blog can act as my itinerary. Haha!


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