Thursday, July 03, 2014

Constant celebrations, E's birthday weekend

Only two weeks ago we celebrated Father's Day and E was spoiled and loved upon all weekend long. And then on July 1st his birthday rolls around. And then next week is our anniversary. So there is a lot of celebrating going on, but celebrating love and fathers and this man, well there's nothing better.

We started out the day with a gourmet breakfast and presents. E has been excited about this leather satchel for some time and was quite excited to get it on Saturday.
The first thing I did on Saturday morning was whip of some homemade pancakes and sweet potato hash. I was chopping and string and cooking for an hour while E played with the kids, and the breakfast was divine!
After breakfast and presents we went downtown to one of our favorite parks, Memory Grove. The kids love it because there is a shallow river and waterfalls, a pond, and fountains. It is nestled in a canyon right near the capitol building and just beautiful.
We played in the water all morning long and even packed a picnic lunch, which we ate riverside.
After a nap for James, no nap for Juliet (remember we tried to take the binky away...), and wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping for me (David and Heather are tying the knot this October!), we drove up the canyon for a picnic dinner and a walk around Silver Lake.
I love this one. Juliet looks like a thug. ;)
Silver Lake is the perfect "hike" for little legs. It's less than a mile and almost flat. The trail includes a boardwalk, a mountainside view of the lake, and lots of places to spot wildlife.
My goof child with her new signature smile.
Trying to have her open her eyes... ha!
Always my snuggle bunny.
This girl is seriously a ham. Plus she loves root beer.

Sunset in the mountains is just stunning.
On Sunday morning we contented the celebrations with a trip to the local pool. I love that this pool opens at ten am on Sunday (woot!) and for the first fifteen minutes or so we had it to ourselves!
Let's just pretend this is the Caribbean.
Matching suits! And although I didn't get a photo James jumped off the diving board for the first time ever by himself. Sure, he was in his little life jacket but I was so stoked that he was brave enough. Plus, he swam to the edge alone after each jump. Impressed!
On Sunday night we left the sleeping kids (mostly thanks to giving back Juliet's binky) with E's mom and headed up Millcreek Canyon for dinner at Log Haven. Log Haven has been a long time favorite, the food is out of this world and the scenery, nothing better.
Ahi tuna tartare for an appetizer.
Filet for dinner (it was out of this world divine)! E and I talked about travel, our kiddos and our dreams over dinner. One day we'd like to have a house in the woods, and one day we'd like to take the kids on the Queen Mary 2. Ah, life is good talking about your dreams with the man you love.
And this amazing concoction for dessert. I could hardly eat any because I was stuffed. Luckily the birthday boy had room and was able to finish it off for me, it was too amazing to leave.
Happy 33 years my love. Many happy healthy years to come. xoxo

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