Sunday, July 27, 2014

Snowbird Tram

Due to Thursday being a state holiday in Utah, E decided to take Friday off and make this weekend a four day weekend of fun. We stayed so busy. Albion Basin on Thursday with dinner, a new Children's Museum on Friday (awesome but totally wiped us out), and Snowbird on Saturday! We even kept up the momentum and had a great Sunday, but that post will have to wait.

We've been wanting to visit the tram all summer, but after our stay cation in Park City in June, and our upcoming vacation to the Grand Tetons in August, we weren't sure when to fit it in. But once E decided on the four day weekend, and once we read about the amazing wildflowers (and saw them on Thursday) we knew this weekend was it.
The Tram is a huge treat on a hot day. Ridding fast and smoothly up the mountain to Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet doesn't require any energy for the amazing payoff.
James is a Tram expert, going on it each year since he was a little babe. Now he always moves to the back and pokes his head out the window for optimal viewing.
Once at the top we are greeted with the loveliest gift of all. Seventy degrees with a breeze! After a week in the high 90s it felt amazing.
Each year I take a photo of Daddy and his kiddos on the top. This year was no different.

Everywhere you look there is an amazing view to take in. We did a lot of just staring off while the kids ran in circles.
They literally ran in circles for forty five minutes laughing and giggling. Juliet's shoes had to come off because she kept slipping but bare feet didn't slow her down at all. 
She kept yelling to James "slow down BOY!" We were all laughing so much because we never call James "boy," she came up with that one all on her own. Lots of other tourists and sightseers would stop to watch her and everyone laughed so much when she'd yell "slow down boy!" again and again. 
The views were spectacular.

Family photos at the top are also a tradition!
Back down we go!
Once at the bottom we went and got Mexican at our favorite Snowbird restaurant. Eating steak tacos while watching the Tram zoom up and down the mountains makes for an awesome night.

And then as we were packing up to head home I spotted a little fern gully. I've always wanted to take photos of Juliet in lush ferns, and luckily she thought they were pretty special too.
They were huge. Taller than her and just like a beautiful little pint sized forest.
My water loving boy kept a close eye on the mini waterfall near the parking lot.
And then as we were REALLY ready to go I spotted some yellow wildflowers and the sun was hitting them in the most perfect way. Juliet's yellow hair bows just looked so perfect compared to the flowers. So I plunked her in the middle, and started asking for a few smiles. James helped with peak-a-boo, hence the big grins. 
And the best shot of the night was captured by my amazing husband. Love love love. Good job babe.


  1. You guys look amazing! Your photos look amazing! We hope that you are having a fabulous summer!

  2. Looks like an amazing time! I loved every single photo--just beautiful!

  3. Stunning! Especially that last precious photo of Juliet! Very good job on your husbands part!


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