Sunday, July 06, 2014

Happy happy fourth of July!

July forth this year was perfect in every way, particularly due to these two goof balls. We woke up and decided quickly that we needed to do something that involved water, otherwise we'd melt. The family consensus was on Temple Square and the splash pad at City Creek Mall.
We arrived somewhat early before the heat of the day had set in and walked all over Temple Square. It is a favorite family activity because it's free, super beautiful and full of water features. We often end at the mall across the street for a treat or a meal and it really makes a nice weekend activity.
 Juliet wore a vintage sailor dress that everyone at Temple Square commented on. She gets comments on her cuteness wherever we go. Sweet girl.
 Plus the flowers were amazing.
When we'd all had enough we went across the street and changed the kids into their suits so they could play in the water. Love this pic! Totally laughing each time I look.
 At this particular splash pad boys must wear shirts, which is so odd. ;)
James loves the little bursts of water and would try to catch each one. I was surprised that we were the only ones there on a busy holiday weekend. Sweet!
After lunch near the water feature and naps at home we went over to E's family's house for dinner and fireworks. I was intent on getting a photo of them together and James always says "how about we kiss?" or "how about we hug?" Works for me bud!
All family parties are more fun when cousins are involved. Emilia follows around James and Juliet like a lost little puppy. They adore her and she just loves them. 
 After a BBQ complete with homemade raspberry pie we retreated to the front yard for fireworks.

 Soon it was Emilia's turn for a sparkler. Love this sweet bunch.
 See what I mean about these two? James and Emilia, particularly, are as thick as thieves.
 Some of the group. Fun crowd for sure.
Juliet was super frightened about the loud fireworks but James was LOVING them. Uncle David was the firework master for the most part and James said the next day "I just love Uncle David! We had so much fun." Sweet kiddo of mine.

And a little look back, because I love the fourth, summer and red, white and blue.

2010, James is seven months old.

2011, James is one and a half. 

2012, James is two and a half and Juliet is five months. 
One of my favorite photos of her. 

2013, James is three and a half and Juliet almost one and a half. Oh, and baby Emilia, she's just three months. 

 Look at them!!

2014, James is four and a half, Juliet almost two and a half and Emilia will be one and a half this autumn. Time goes too fast, I tell ya.

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  1. Juliet's outfits just kill me! Every last one of them! Darling, darling, darling!


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