Friday, July 18, 2014

James says, Juliet says

 James says at four and a half:

  • "Turn on the fireplace! I'm burning cold!" (Another day: "it's piping cold!") Obviously this list was started in early spring, since now it is "piping hot!"
  • "If it starts piping raining we will be piping cold."
  • "You silly pimp!" I laughed and laughed at this, as far as I know he's never heard the word "pimp" but he loves to say "you silly ___" and make up some nonsense word. When pimp came out of his mouth I couldn't help but think it was hilarious.
  • "That big gentle James hug made her feel all better!" after Juliet was crying and needed a hug.
  • "Iceflakes" instead of snowflakes. I never want to correct him.
  • "Holy moly cow!"
  • Conversation between James and Juliet:
    James: "Do you want glow in the dark stars for your ceiling?"
    Juliet: "Yea"
    James: "Well we have to ask Santa. And he can hear us... Santa, will you bring Juliet some stars for her ceiling?.... And you have to have good behavior or Santa won't bring you anything"
  • "You are the best mommy in the whole wor-a-ld"
  • "Dada, you are fast like the wind" I'm sure this pleased E.
  • Seeing big water slides "I don't want to go down them because they will send me to space."
  • "I know what I can call you mommy! Sweety honey!" He still calls me "honey" or "sweet honey" from time to time.
  • Talking to Juliet "When you're three you'll run really fast and then I won't be able to catch you and smooch you!"

Juliet says, two and a half:

  • "Nice touch James! Best friend James. So so nice me."
  • "No sing sunshine right in my ear!"
  • "Owen and Peter love me all the time." (the neighbor boys).
  • "Big log out my sweet bum" hahaaaaa!!!
  • "Me love water! Me love owls! Me love hedgehogs!"
  • And another day with all her loves: "Me love horses! Me love hoppy bunnies too! Me love candies too!"
  • "Back, see ya soon fuzzy little Mabel. Promise!" (Mabel is our kitty).
  • Me: "Good morning sweet girl!" Her "Good morning sweet mommy!"
  • "Snuggle you the whole time!" when we put her to bed and she doesn't want us to leave.
  • "You're so brave" she says this all the time, when brushing our hair or asking us to use the potty. "You so brave." Our own little pep talk.
  • "All happy now?" She asks us this all the time if we've gotten after about something she shouldn't be doing. For example, "Juliet! Don't throw sticks at your brother", she proceeds to throw a stick at his face. "Juliet! NO! That is not ok!" Juliet asks two seconds later "All happy now?!"
  • "Thank you so much" whenever we give her something. The fact that she always says "thank you so much" is pretty much heartwarming.
  • Three squeezes mean "I love you!" She always follows it up with three more squeezes and "Yes I do!"
  • "Spiders have tiny toes that tickle you!"

All photos from the weekend when we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a BBQ dinner and had such a good time. Weekends outdoors are my favorite weekends.


  1. This is so sweet :) It's sad when they start saying things correctly. I remember never wanting to correct my little's. Like when my daughter would say poke-a-lots instead of polkadots! I swear I cried when she started saying her name correctly too. Oh, it's so hard! They grow way too fast!

  2. also, I LOVE the way you edit your pictures. They look soft! I wish you'd do a tutorial on it!


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