Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooktacular costumes

Planning your kids' halloween costumes is way more fun than planning your own. In August I started thinking about what I'd like James to be for his third Halloween (see first and second here) and came to a decision when he woke up one morning talking about the "snow moon."

In his dream we went to the snow moon in "Mommy's new car, and it took a really really long time."

E asked if James would like to see a video of astronauts on the moon and he could hardly wait.

We turned on some 1970s documentary that we found on YouTube and he sat there enthralled. Since that morning he's talked about astronauts "shooting into the sky!" and the "snow moon".

And to make his costume just a little more fun, we decided to take him to the planetarium moon last weekend for a quick photo shoot.

Captain James is ready for take off. The training to get him to this point has taken years. He can drive the space shuttle, fix problems once in transit, and he even knows how to count to 15, only missing 12 and 13 most the time. ;)
Five, four, three, two, one... BLAST OFF!
After nearly three days of flying they approach their final destination.
Captain James is the first to leave the safety of the shuttle. And no worries about his lack of helmet, there seems to be some new advances in the "breathing in space" technology.
One small step for James, one large step for all kids with a 7:30 bedtime.
Mission was a success!

And Juliet. Sweet little Juliet. What else could she be really, than a snuggle bunny? It is in her nature. It is so very her.

But I also had in mind to dress her in a kimono E got for her while in Japan on business. I was pregnant with her at the time and we had just discovered we were having a baby girl.

E came home with such a sweet wonderful kimono. I loved it and gently packed it away for our little girl to wear one day.
Upon digging it out earlier this year I noticed something I didn't take note of the first time seeing it.
So, my sweet little Japanese snuggle bunny says "こんにちは、あなたは抱っこしたいと思います" which I think means "hello, would you like to snuggle?"
And any Mama knows, it is very very hard to resist such an adorable snuggle bunny.

And just because I can never resist a little side-by-side, here is James, growing up.

Year 1 - Pirate
Year 2 - Train Engineer
Year 3 - Astronaut

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween at Wheeler Farm

Last year the weekend before Halloween we headed to Wheeler Farm to enjoy the Halloween festivities. James had so much fun in the hay maze we decided to make it an annual thing. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know our family has quite a few holiday traditions, and Wheeler Farm at Halloween is one of them.

This year the weather was the same as last year's. Cool and wonderful, but not cold. Thank goodness not cold like earlier this week.

Once arriving we went right to the hay maze. James loved it as much this year as last, and kept hiding behind hay bales and jumping out to yell "surprise!"
He was in the happiest mood running at top speed through the zig-zaggy paths. So happy in fact, that I snapped my new favorite photo of him. His eyes? amazing. His sweet sprinkling of freckles, also visible.
Juliet also liked the maze, as you can see. ;)
Really what she liked was sitting on the ground sampling the hay. Silly girl.
We walked all over the farm enjoying the mild weather and fallen leaves.
And when I spotted the most beautiful light in the woods I set this little girl down hoping to get some smiles.
Her little jacket looks so much like Little Red Ridding Hood. Remember that Juliet had a Little Riding Hood themed baby shower? So this jacket was a must.
The overpriced ticket also included a tractor ride. Does James look just like his daddy? YES! Twins!
And the girls. She's becoming more and more my twin by the day. Which I love. People tell me all the time that she looks like me. I've NEVER heard that about James.
Last in the loop was picking out a pumpkin. James walked in the pumpkin patch and the first one he saw he picked up and brought to us. He means business.
Juliet took her time sampling the hay and picking out the perfect long stemmed pumpkin.
And last year I took one of my favorite photos of James in the hay maze too. Want to see them side-by-side? Yea, I thought so. :)

James, at almost two years old.
James at almost three. Time passes too too quickly. 

James's adorable raccoon sweater was a lovely gift from a friend. Thank you. We love it. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weather's a-changing {my week in Instagram}

Mild autumn days change to cold and snowy this week. Here's how it went down, Instagram style.

1. Before it got cold James and I spent every morning out in the garden prepping it for winter. The day we dug out all the weeds from the veggie garden was his favorite.  2. I may or may not have lifted him into the huge tree next door for this photo. Yea, he was way over my head and loving it.

3. He's got a stick "high high in the sky!" 4. If I look at her like I'm confused she smiles. If I look more confused she laughs.

5. Weather turned cold and snowy so we decided to make muffins for breakfast. 6. James working hard on the snow and leaves, I stay dry in the garage playing on my phone. ;)

7. When it's freezing out, we've been playing in the basement playroom more. 8. Hello!

9. Indoor "winter" activities. One is the merry-go-round at the mall. 10. Running with his tongue out. Light is golden! (this was the day before the storm hit, it was warm and windy!)

11. Weather's a-changing. Last day walking without a coat? Let's hope not. 12. Joy...

13. Cold cold cold day at the park. Juliet tried the baby swings for the first time and loved them! 14. Throwing rocks with James, cold edition.

15. She is giving me her shy smile because I just got out of the shower and have a towel on my head. She's thinking "who is that naked lady with the crazy hat?!" 16. Making cupcakes for somebody's party!

17. His favorite activity before the snow started to fly. 18. Another day, another visit to Wheeler Farm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two portraits of my two children

Last week I dressed Juliet in one of my favorite outfits. I bought this darling little overall set when she was still growing in my belly. I was so excited for her to fit into it, and figured James's party day was the perfect excuse to finally pull it out.

I knew once the party started that I wouldn't have time to take a proper portrait of her, so before the festivities, I placed her in the mini armchair in the living room hoping to get a photo.

And of course as soon as James noticed Juliet was in his chair, he wanted her out and he wanted in.


So two portraits of each of my children.

Hi sweet baby girl!
This outfit? Oh my word. I know this is not a traditional portrait, but oh my.
"Hey! That's my chair!" says James, who hasn't given the chair a second glance for ages. Not until Juliet was in it, that is.
And practicing how old he's going to be. Three! You can tell he's concentrating on his fingers because his tongue is out.
I sure do love these two people.

Outfit details:
Striped shirt - Gap
Patched Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Keens (eBay! My favorite spot to get expensive kid's shoes)

Overalls and pink onsie - Next Direct
Gold shoes - Old Navy
Hair bow - homemade

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