Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two portraits of my two children

Last week I dressed Juliet in one of my favorite outfits. I bought this darling little overall set when she was still growing in my belly. I was so excited for her to fit into it, and figured James's party day was the perfect excuse to finally pull it out.

I knew once the party started that I wouldn't have time to take a proper portrait of her, so before the festivities, I placed her in the mini armchair in the living room hoping to get a photo.

And of course as soon as James noticed Juliet was in his chair, he wanted her out and he wanted in.


So two portraits of each of my children.

Hi sweet baby girl!
This outfit? Oh my word. I know this is not a traditional portrait, but oh my.
"Hey! That's my chair!" says James, who hasn't given the chair a second glance for ages. Not until Juliet was in it, that is.
And practicing how old he's going to be. Three! You can tell he's concentrating on his fingers because his tongue is out.
I sure do love these two people.

Outfit details:
Striped shirt - Gap
Patched Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Keens (eBay! My favorite spot to get expensive kid's shoes)

Overalls and pink onsie - Next Direct
Gold shoes - Old Navy
Hair bow - homemade


  1. So cute! Great photos! (and here beings the age of "mine!") ... fascinating stage. ;)

  2. I hate it when he says "mine". Not fun at all.


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